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Using Toolset with Divi in WordPress

Toolset and Divi work smoothly together. Divi lets you design the page frame and Toolset allows building custom elements.

Divi excels in great-looking design:

Build beautiful pages quickly and easily

Choose from hundreds of premade designs

Design templates for single-post pages and archives

Toolset allows you to build advanced sites without programming.

Create custom lists of posts and display them anywhere

Build custom searches

Display posts on maps

Create front-end forms for content submission and editing

Create post relationships and display them on the front-end

Add custom fields and custom post types

Toolset and Divi make a powerful combination. You can use them to build any type of advanced custom site.

Installing Toolset

Toolset is a modular package, with plugins for different features. Pick the features that you need and install their plugins:

  • Toolset Types (always needed) – lets you create custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies
  • Toolset Blocks (always needed) – helps you display the lists of your contents, templates, and archives on the front-end, including custom searches for your visitors
  • Toolset Forms – lets users submit content via front-end forms
  • Toolset Access – lets you add custom user roles and control where each user role can visit on the front-end
  • Toolset Maps – lets you display anything on a Google or Azure map, including dynamic content such as search results

Adding Custom Types, Fields and Taxonomies to Divi

Sometimes, you need to organize the content of your site in a more customizable way than WordPress and Divi offer by default. This involves creating custom post types (like “Properties” or “Events), adding custom fields to them (like “Property Price” or “Event Date”), and finally creating custom taxonomies (like “Property Type” or “Event Type”) to categorize the contents.

The process of creating these custom elements on your site is the same for any theme you use, including Divi. To learn how to do this, please take a look at our chapter about .

When you are done, please return here and keep reading to learn how to display the newly set-up custom content with Divi.

How to use Divi and Toolset together

Divi provides its own custom editor for building pages. Toolset on the other hand uses WordPress’s built-in Block Editor. In general, you cannot mix elements from these two editors.

However, you can use the Toolset View module inside the Divi builder. It allows you to display custom lists of posts in your Divi designs. This includes all the features that Toolset provides for custom lists, like custom searches.

Check out our detailed lesson with a video that explains how to create your custom lists of posts .

Here’s an example of a homepage built with Divi and displaying a dynamic list of posts created using Toolset.

And when you need to use other advanced Toolset features, you should simply use them on separate pages that you design using the Block Editor

How to switch to the Block Editor when using Divi

To design a new page using the Block Editor and Toolset, simply click the Use Default Editor button when creating a new page.

Switching to the Block Editor when using Divi

Learn how to use Toolset

As you can see, this gets you started with using Divi and Toolset together. To learn more about how to use Toolset, head on to the main documentation page

You will find free training courses that cover how to build different types of sites with Toolset like directory, membership, real estate, WooCommerce, and more. And when you need instructions for using a specific Toolset feature, you can easily find it on our page listing all single lessons.

January 27, 2021