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Creating Templates to Display Custom Posts in WordPress

A template is a design, which you create once and defines how to display items of the related post type. When you edit that template, the front-end display for all items of that post type updates immediately.


How to Design Templates

  1. Go to Toolset Dashboard and click the Create Content Template button in the row of the post type you want to design a template for.
  2. Use the WordPress Block Editor to design your template.
  3. Choose blocks from the Toolset section for any part of the template that displays fields (not static elements). For example, use Toolset’s Heading block for any heading that will display a field.
  4. Enable Dynamic Sources for blocks that should display fields of the post that the template displays.

Template Design Tips

  • Use the View with dropdown menu at the top of the editor to preview your template with any post of your choice.
  • Use the screen-size selector either at the top of the editor or next to different fields to design the template for different screen sizes.
  • Use the View block to display lists of related posts or repeating field groups.

Change the layout of a template

Theme defines the basic layout of single-post pages on the site. This includes options like the width of the page, displaying of sidebar and the page title, and more.

Using one of the themes integrated with Toolset allows you to control the layout of the single-post template. You can set different layout options for different templates.

If your theme is integrated with Toolset use the following steps to change the layout options:

  1. In the right sidebar, click the Document tab.
  2. Expand the Toolset settings for… section (the last part will be the name of the active theme).
  3. Tweak theme options as needed.

Please note that different themes provide different options.

If your theme is not integrated with Toolset, you might try changing the layout options from the Appearance → Customize page, or from the theme’s own settings page.

Main Toolset Block Used in this Lesson

Create custom lists of posts

Originally written
May 12, 2020
July 9, 2020