Normally, every page on your site will have a layout assigned to it. However, some content may not have layouts. You can choose what will be displayed on the front-end for that content while no layout is assigned to it.

Go to Toolest->Settings page and click on the Layouts tab. Scroll to the section called What to display if no layout is assigned to content.

The "What to display if no layout is assigned" section in Toolset Settings, Layout tab
The “What to display if no layout is assigned” section in Toolset Settings, Layout tab

The following table explains the three options that Layouts offers and the front-end result of these options.


SettingHow the content looks on the front-end
A blank page with a messageonly a custom message will be output. A blank page with a custom message
What the theme would output – front-end rendering will be exactly as using the theme without Layouts plugin.What the theme would output
The content using a following ‘default’ Layout – this option allows you to use any of your layouts as a “fallback” option and will be used for rendering the resource in case no specific layout is assigned to it. Using a default layout when nothing is assigned


Specify user roles to whom these settings will be applicable to

You may want to display messages about missing layouts only to site administrators. A message like “Please create a layout for this content” is only helpful for admins. Site visitors should not see it.

The Set this option for setting allows you to define which users will see the default display for content without layouts. You can set this option either for all users or for site administrators only.

If you choose to set the option for site administrators only, the default theme output will be displayed to all other users just as it would appear if the Layouts plugin were not active.