The Layouts plugin works with any theme. If your theme is not integrated with Layouts, you can use it to design the content part, just like with a classic page-builder. However, if your theme is integrated with Layouts, you are able to create layout templates for whole post types and design every part of your site, including the header, content, sidebars, and footer. This document explains how to edit the template files in your theme and add Layouts support.

This documentation page is pending a complete rewrite. We removed most of its original, outdated contents to avoid causing any confusion about Layouts integration with themes.

In response to client feedback we are transitioning away from using Layouts to design the whole page, and instead focusing on using Layouts to design just the content area of the page, with the theme responsible for generating the header, footer, sidebars etc. Using Layouts becomes easier, and you benefit from still being able to use the theme options for the rest of the page, giving you the best of both worlds.

While Layouts works with any theme, we also started the Beyond Pages program to bring theme options integration to themes. This integration allows you to control certain theme options for each layout you create – separately.

You can find the list of themes that already feature this new integration on our Recommended Themes page. These popular themes are no longer “fully integrated” with layouts and they do not require any additional integration plugins. Instead, from the version 2.1, you use Layouts to design the content area of the page only. Additionally, the theme-specific Layouts cells that came with the old integration plugins are no longer available.

On the other hand, we retired the old integration plugins we had for some popular themes. Existing sites built using the integration plugins will still need them to maintain prior functionality, but new projects are not expected (or recommended) to use the integration plugins. For legacy purposes, we still provide a page where you can download these retired integration plugins.

Advanced users will still be able to integrate themes with Layouts so that they can be used to design the whole page, and we will update this page to detail how you would do that.