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WordPress Themes Market Becoming Crowded? Join Toolset Team!

People are reporting a steady decline in sales of themes on Themeforest.  There is an interesting debate about why this…


July 13, 2015

Views 1.9, Layouts 1.2 and CRED 1.4 beta – Happiness Update #1

Three months ago, the entire Toolset team got together for discuss one question: “What would make our existing clients happier?”…


June 16, 2015

Toolset Starter Theme

Toolset Starter: A New Free Theme to Get Started with Toolset Plugins

We have just released a new theme. We named it Toolset Starter to reflect its main purpose: The theme was…

Agnes Bury

May 28, 2015

4 Hours Downtime for

Last night, an unfortunate human error caused to be down for several hours. We had to restore the site…


May 5, 2015

Views 1.8.1 – Bug Fixes and Improvements

Views 1.8.1 is a bugfix release. We will walk over the most relevant bugs that have been fixed in this…


April 29, 2015

Want to Build Toolset-Based Themes?

The major new feature in Layouts 1.1 and Views 1.8 is the ability to build themes based on Toolset plugins….


April 22, 2015

Views 1.8 and Layouts 1.1 Released

Views 1.8 and Layouts 1.1 pack a number of major updates. They are fully compatible with WordPress 4.2, they include…


April 15, 2015

Toolset Update for WordPress 4.2 and Security Tightening

We’ve just updated Types, CRED, Views and Layouts to run with WordPress 4.2, be more secure and more stable. You…


April 2, 2015

WordPress example classifieds site

How to build a Classifieds Site with WordPress – workshops we run for WordPress fans

Many WordPress users find building their own WordPress Classifieds sites to be challenging. Last Saturday at WordCamp Prague, we tried…

Agnes Bury

March 5, 2015

Layouts Blog Image

First Commercial Release of Layouts and Updates for All Toolset Plugins

After a long development cycle, we are ready with major updates for all Toolset plugins. This release focuses on usability…


February 10, 2015

We are updating documentation for Views 1.7 and Layouts 1.0

A major update for Types, Views and Layouts is coming next week, which also includes many changes to documentation. We…


January 29, 2015

After 3 Years, Toolset Project Became Profitable

Today is the first day of 2015 and it’s a nice time to look back, see what we did in…


January 1, 2015