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Toolset – Types, Views, CRED and Access

We’re very happy to release a major update of Types, Views, CRED and Access. As our family of plugins grows…


November 19, 2012

CRED 0.9.4 with Parent Settings in Forms

CRED 0.9.4 is released, with complete support for post hierarchies. You’ll be able to create forms for child content and…


October 23, 2012

CRED 0.9.3 Adds Conditional Inputs in Forms

CRED 0.9.3 lets you build dynamic forms, where fields can appear or hide, depending on other inputs in the form….


October 16, 2012

More Reference Sites Coming. What Are You Looking For?

We’re ramping up our front-end development team, creating more reference sites and improving documentation for existing ones. As we do…


October 15, 2012

Views Consultants can Help with Your Site Development

We’re happy to announce a a fabulous list of Views consultants, who can help you with any custom development, large…


October 15, 2012

Learn Types and Views Easily in

Looking for an easy way to master Types and Views? You got it! Meet our new site Discover-WP. Discover-WP lets…


October 8, 2012

CRED 0.9.2 with New Features and Fixes

We’re very happy to release this week’s CRED update to version 0.9.2. CRED 0.9.2 includes a host of new features…


October 2, 2012

Meet CRED – Our Front-End Content Editing Plugin

We’re very happy to announce CRED (Create Edit Delete) – a fully integrated plugin for creating, editing and deleting content…


September 26, 2012

Views 1.1.2 Ready

We’re ready with a bug-fix release for Views. This version addresses several annoying bugs, that we received over the last…


August 27, 2012

Demo Downloader Ready!

Views Demo Downloader is finally here. It will let you download complete reference sites and experiment with them locally, making…


August 8, 2012

Views 1.1.2-b1 Fixes Datepicker Bug for Custom Searches

Since releasing Views 1.1.1, we got a few reports about problems with datepicker on custom searches. If you have date…


July 29, 2012

Views 1.1.1 and Types 1.0.4 Released

We’re ready with Views 1.1.1 and Types 1.0.4. These are mainly bug-fix releases, but we also managed to include some…


July 24, 2012