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[Closed] Which set of tools do I need ?

This support ticket is created 3 years, 6 months ago. There's a good chance that you are reading advice that it now obsolete.

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Tell us what you are trying to do? I want to build a motorcycle touring website that basically shows a gps map as well as google map for each tour along with pics and verbal highlights. in specific I'd like users to be able to search the database with tag boxes such as off-road, twistes, cities/towns, road conditions, suitable for what kind of bikes, etc. and have these tags printed pretty close to the page title.

I'll also have a "trip report section, where people wanting to post have to sign up., and Upcoming Events section, whatever else I can find useful .

Is there any documentation that you are following? No
Is there a similar example that we can see? My major competition are huge bulletin board sites like hidden link, their ability to identify trails and roads is weak, and it's done so in a horizontal way, but date. It's heavy on verbal and pictorial material. The ability to "search by tag" database, and for members to input the same I think would be much more useful.

What is the link to your site? I don't have one yet, I want to see if this is something I can tackle on my own. it will fill in a needed niche between 2 major touring sires,


Hello, in general it sounds like you need these plugins:
- Types: allows you to create custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom fields
- Blocks or Views: Either of these plugins can be used to create sortable, filterable, searchable lists of posts, as well as post templates and post archives. Blocks is based on the new WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), or the legacy Views plugin uses a more manual shortcode approach to loop over posts and generate some output.
- Maps: allows you to geocode and store custom address fields, then place those addresses on maps created in Blocks or Views using map markers. Also required to create distance-based filters
- Forms: If you want to allow your visitors to post content from the front-end of the site, without accessing wp-admin. Create custom Forms that will post content or register Users.
- Forms Commerce: If you plan to integrate WooCommerce with Forms, so Users can purchase membership of some kind and in turn have access to publish content through Forms.
- Access: this may or may not be needed depending on how you want to restrict content on your site. Access helps you apply rules to show or hide posts based on User Roles.

There's a lot to consider here, so I definitely recommend you take a look at our sandbox site You can create a free account there and play around with any of our reference sites. You log in to the wp-admin areas and see examples showing how we have set up filterable searches using taxonomy terms, displaying results on maps, integrating front-end forms, and many other features.

I'm happy to point you towards anything specific you want to know more about, but it's hard for me to know where to start with a general inquiry. That's why I recommend checking out one or more of the reference sites to see how they are set up.

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