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[Resolved] Types 3.3.11

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Last updated by Waqar 1 year, 4 months ago.

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The changelog for Types 3.3.11 says:-

We’ve extended the toolset_get_related_posts() arguments by “orderby_role” which allows to specify by which role the ordering should happen (when the “order” argument is used). If the “orderby_role” argument is not present, the behavior doesn’t change and the first of the returned roles is used for ordering.

toolset_get_related_posts retrieves Custom Posts and orderby_role sorts retrieved Users by role. Posts don't have roles so I don't understand how it's possible to sort Posts by role or am I missing something??


Luo Yang

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The argument "orderby_role" is for roles of post type relationship, it's value is same as argument query_by_role:
- parent
- child
- intermediary

See our document:


so does this mean that we can get the child posts but order by the parent??



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Luo will be on vacation this week so I'll be following up on this ticket.

> so does this mean that we can get the child posts but order by the parent??
- Yes, your understanding is correct and this is now possible, using the "orderby_role" argument.

When this argument wasn't available the "order" argument would only work with respect to what was set in "role_to_return".