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Fast and brilliant! MartinE-4
Just seemed past responses were a little short. LaneV
Always has the right answer or suggestion. JeffS-2
Always quick with the right answer or solution. JeffS-2
Luo is very helpful. He almost always has the answer very quickly. JeffS-2
As Nigel helped me out regarding my last topics, I would like to get help from him again. 🙂 ThorstenS967
Simple, he always find the solution for me! Jean-francoisB
Luo is always correct, but I find Beda, Christian, Minesh and Nigel tend to go just a little further to get me going. Helpful rather than just 'by the book'. Bob
Answered question clearly and gave me working example to go by. BryanC-2
Always finds a solution Robert Campbell

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