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Clear and concise responses, with links when appropriate. Thank you to Luo for the excellent support provided. LaurieH
I like that he completely answers my questions and provides supporting information when appropriate. I also like that he is the support agent on at least one other question related to large datasets and may have very good advice for me. LaurieH
I would prefer Beda, since he helped with the previous issue around Select2. Mukesh
Nothing at all. Luo is great.I would like to have Noman support cause he has resolved this issue before, but I can't select him, so I hope anyone else from the support team could help me. JaimeF-3
very responsive. Engedi
Nothing. But Waqar has helped with issues on this project with me so he has some background on this project. Mukesh
He has assisted on this issue in earlier tickets BarryS9673
Fast and brilliant! MartinE-4
Just seemed past responses were a little short. LaneV
Always has the right answer or suggestion. JeffS-2

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