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We are not in the same time zone... OlivierF
He's already aware of the issue, I was just slow in responding due to the holidays. ColetteC
His detailed support. Jelle-jacobd
Hist fast and accurate support. Jelle-jacobd
Previous response wasn't very clear. JonW-5
Nothing, he's a very helpful guy, but on this particular issue, for some reason I feel like I'm not explaining myself in a way he can understand so maybe someone else will know what I'm trying to articulate. Jas
Because he's awesom! LeonB-3
I have found over the 4 years of using Toolset plugins that Luo has the best and most complete answers. JeffS-2
His general awesomeness:) Jas
He was very patient and explained how to do things, so I could learn. LaurieB

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