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[Resolved] Relationship Forms only show One-to-Many relationships, not Many-to-Many relationships

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Thank you Christian. I thought thee was a bug but in the mean time I seem to be able to use it in Chrome and leaving FireFox alone for now.
Yes after a bit more investigation it turns out an issue was introduced in a recent WP update, and our developers are already working on a fix for Firefox. I'll keep you posted here as I receive more information, and in the meantime your workaround using Chrome might be the best bet.

What I am finding though is that I need to have a Relationship Form made for each relationship. So is it possible to have all these fields from Post Forms and relationship form on the same page with a single submit button or do I need to have links to other forms and submit them individually.
The "full interface" referred to in the documentation should not be interpreted as a single page interface holding all the form inputs for adding posts, editing posts, managing their relationships and managing repeatable field group values all in one Form submission. The full interface for adding and editing these posts and managing the corresponding post relationships almost always involves multiple Forms with multiple submit buttons on multiple pages and/or templates.

In the Forms system, you cannot create two posts from the same post type, much less from two different post types, in one Form. That would require significant custom code with HTML, CSS, possibly JavaScript, and PHP APIs. RFGs add more complexity here, because they cannot be managed in the parent post Form. A separate Form is required to create or edit the RFG, one row per submission. Nested RFGs must be submitted in yet another Form per nesting level. Beyond that, usually you cannot manage a post relationship in the same Form that creates or edits a post. The one built-in exception here is in a Post Form that creates or edits "child" posts in a One-to-Many (O2M) relationship. In that case, you can include the parent post select field directly in the child post Form. Post Forms that create or edit either post in a M2M relationship, and Post Forms that create or edit the parent post in a O2M relationship, cannot include the related post selection fields or any relationship-based custom fields (i.e. intermediary post custom fields) unless you add a significant amount of custom code using our Forms and Post Relationships APIs. I don't have any documentation of those specific scenarios, since they are fully custom and fall outside the scope of our support forums.

If you have other questions about the workflows for Forms-based post management and post relationship management, let me know and I can offer more details.


Thank you that was my impression regarding Relationship Forms as stands. But I wanted to be sure I'm not missing anything. I can work with this now as it stands.

I would be interested, however, in learning the system in better detail to be able to do more advanced things. Apart from the programmers guide is there more documentation online with examples?


Apart from the programmers guide is there more documentation online with examples?
You mean on the site but not in the Programmer Reference here?

The main Documentation area here has more links you can explore:
...but documentation for our APIs and shortcodes is fairly well-contained within the programmer reference pages.

The Course Lesson archive has several lessons, videos and do-it-yourself examples for hands-on learning:
These lessons will help give you a better foundational understanding of the Toolset environment. Once you know the terminology and concepts a bit better, then it's fastest to just use Google to search the site for relevant information. You could search only in the forums for a specific symptom: "toolset_get_related_posts" not returning parent post data in "cred_save_data" hook

Or: post relationship between same post type 

If none of the results from Google are helpful, then I would ask a support team member for assistance. There's really no other dedicated area for examples and documentation, but you'll find some scattered through the blog, through some of the links in the main site footer, and so on. You also have access to the reference site generator at where you can create sandbox reference sites with content already set up for you. Offhand, I don't remember any of those having extensive custom code but there may be one or two functions to do something small and custom.

You can sign up for a free account to try it out at

You'll receive access to wp-admin so you can see all the data structures, all the Views and templates, all the custom field values, and so on. You'll need a Google Maps API key to fully explore Maps, Map Views, Map Markers, distance filtering, and other User-location based features.


Hi Christian,

Should I close this or wait for an update regarding the FireFox patch?


Feel free to close out here. I will update the ticket with information about the Firefox fix, and you'll get an email update.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!


Hello, I wanted to share a quick update from our developers. The fix for the Firefox - Forms issue will be included in the next scheduled release of Forms, version 2.6.10. I will keep you posted here as I receive more information about the schedule for this release.


Forms 2.6.10 is now available for download or automatic update.