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[Resolved] relational website

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Project with toolset.JPG

Tell us what you are trying to do?
A company listing
Is there any documentation that you are following?

Is there a similar example that we can see?

What is the link to your site?



There are lots of questions in your screenshot, I am trying to answer them one by one
Q1) Toolset provide various post type relationships:
- one-to-one
- one-to-many
- many-to-many
These should be able to setup the post type relationships for your website. see our document:

Q2) That depends on yourself, if you want all information are displayed as individual post, you can setup different post type for them, for example, post types:
- Region
- District
- Seminary
- Church
- Member

For example, you can:
- Setup one-to-many relationship between post types "Region" and "District"
- Setup one-to-many relationship between post types "District" and "Church"
- setup one-to-one relationship "Minster" between post types "Church" and "Member"

Q3) No, same as above, if:
- One "Member" post can connect to only one "Region" post as "Leader" role/relationship
- One "Region" post can connect to only one "Member" post as "Leader" role/relationship

you can setup setup one-to-one relationship "Leader" between post types "Region" and "Member"

Q4) As I mentioned above, you just need one post type "Member", each "Member" post can connect with other post type as different role(relationship)

Q5) Since you just need a post type "Member", so you don't need to setup post type for every entries. For the post type relationship, see above answers. 1) + 2) + 3)

For your reference.


Thank you Lou, it was very helpful. I can see the foundation of my project starting to come to light.

Few additional questions

In creating the "Member" post type, how should I make the form for the person to input their personal data and bio fields? this member will become a user so he/she can see their account. Not all personal data will be available for display in their personal account like the academic achievement, reference letters, grades... the only info available for updating in the user end will be address, email, phone, password.

The users in the project will be three besides the administrator
a) member (who will be the minister or a candidate for ministry same permission leve )
b) Interviewer (board who approves the minister or candidate)
c) overseer ( those in leadership over specific department within the organization)

In this project,
is the "Member" a user ?
Are all users "members" ?

to create the user application form for the different roles I need a form with different set of data for input. Should that be a different form for each user level? This data will have field pertinent to their expertise and academic levels. the application for those fields could become a little complex depending of their level.

Should the user application form have all fields for the lengthy data I need from each user? (data will include external information like background checks)

Can the data collected be available for internal view but not the user owner of that data? like office records only?

how can I link the data availability from the initial user application to the members office records only?

Thanks for helping me. toolset is very powerful set of plugins with vast array of applications.

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