[Resolved] "Invalid site key for the current site"

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Updates broken for me as well. With "Invalid site key for the current site." message.


I'm having the same issue.


I am having this issue with the site that I tried re-registering today.


Same issue here too


broken as well


Me too. Tried deleting old key and re-adding the site, but still getting error message.


Hi Team,

We are also having the same issue.

Thanks Charlie.


Same problem here.


Having this issue and can't update toolset plugins. i'm entering the correct key -and toolset the site is already registered - but wordpress gives an error. please advise. thanks. hidden link


Im having the same issue, I cant even use the existing key.


Amit Kvint
Forum moderator

Hi everyone,

Really sorry for that, we have updated our site yesterday and had a glitch with the site key registrations - this is already fixed.
Please retry to register and leave me a message here if the issue is not resolved.



Working now.


It was working since Amit's message but today just now it seems to have stopped for me again.


Yes, I am having this issue too... Looking forward to a solution.

The forum is also suggesting that this post was last updated 4 days ago, which would be the 13th, but I am posting on the 18th. Something buggy there.


Also having the issue now

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)