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[Resolved] Add field not just value

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Last updated by colinb-4 1 month, 4 weeks ago.

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Tell us what you are trying to do?
Add field not just value

Is there any documentation that you are following?
Yes the advice to add the code <?php echo(types_render_field( 'franchise_initial ', array( 'show_name' => true ) )); ?>
to single.php is not working when I try to respond to support I receive an error please supply an email to respond to issue

Is there a similar example that we can see?

What is the link to your site?
hidden link



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I've tested the same code in the same location in the "single.php" file on my test website and it worked as expected.

Can you please test this again after removing the opening PHP tag?
( screenshot: hidden link )

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Good Evening,

Just checking if you have resolved this issue?

cheers Karmen


Hi Waqar,
I still have not had this issue fixed the fields are not showing but the value is.



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Thank you for sharing these details and I apologize for the delay.

I see that the code for the custom field is added in the theme's "single.php" file after the "get_footer()" function.
( screenshot: hidden link )

If you'll check any single "Find a Franchises" post, for example {}/find_a_franchise/school-rock/ you'll see that the field's name and the value is showing below the footer, as expected.
( screenshot: hidden link )

This confirms that the code is bringing in not just value but also the field name.
( for example in "Initial Fee: $49,900". "Initial Fee" is the field name and "$49,900" is the value ).

Note: the content in the single "Find a Franchises" post pages, is managed by the content template named "Template for Find a Franchises":

You can edit the content area of those pages through this content template without having to add the code directly in the "single.php" file.

Here is a guide on using the content templates:


Thank you for the information.
I am new to toolset and am trying to understand If I want the multiple field information in the template for find a franchises inside the main text boxes where exactly should I put that code provided to include the field and the value?



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In the content template "Template for Find a Franchises", I noticed that you've already added this shortcode to show the "franchise_initial" field value:

[types field='franchise_initial'][/types]

I've updated that shortcode to include the show_name='true' attribute and it is now showing the field name and the value:
( screenshot: hidden link )

[types field='franchise_initial' show_name='true'][/types]

It is important to note that the PHP code that you shared in the first message is only needed when you are working with the theme's PHP files.

But, using a content template, the content editing becomes much easier, as you don't have to add PHP code directly.

In the content templates, you can use the available blocks and shortcodes, to generate the desired content:

Note: If you've just started working with the Toolset plugins, I'll recommend going through the basic free course on building a WordPress directory website:

This way you'll become familiar with the Toolset's features and options, more efficiently.


Thank you so much for your help Waqar,

I am also wanting to bold just the field not the value I have inserted the code <span style="font-weight: bold;">[franchise_invest="Minimum Investment"]</span> but it is bolding the field and the value how to you separate the field to be bold the value to normal font weight.



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If you'd like to bold just the field's name and not the value, then you'll need to add the field name manually and use the type's field shortcode, only to show the value.

For example, you'll replace:

[types field='franchise_initial' show_name='true'][/types]


<strong>Initial Fee:</strong> [types field='franchise_initial'][/types]


Thank you Waqar,

If I am using Initial Fee: [types field='franchise_initial'][/types]
and in some cases this value is empty.

I want to remove the field name and remove the space is that possible?



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For an empty value check, you can wrap the field's code in a conditional check:

[wpv-conditional if="( NOT(empty($(wpcf-franchise_initial))) )"]
<p><br><strong>Initial Fee:</strong> [types field='franchise_initial'][/types]</p>

We have a guide on the topic at:


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!