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[Resolved] Send automatic E-Mail reminder

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Last updated by ThorstenS967 8 months ago.

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for a client I build a Membership-Website with Toolset Access. However, the clients Website users will have the ability to fill out a form, if they have interest on products and/or services of the suppliers, which can be members or not yet members of the clients membership. If the supplier is not a member and a user has interest of the suppliers products or services, he fills out a form. The supplier shall get an email notification, that there is a person who has interest in his product and if he want to see the full data (address etc.) of that person, he shall buy a membership. After 2 or 3 days there shall be an automatic reminder notification mail to that the supplier that he should buy a membership. Is that possible with the Toolset notification system? If yes, how can that be achieved?



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Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

You can achieve this using the automatic post expiration feature in the Forms:

In summary:

1. You can add a new custom post type named something like "Expression of Interest".

2. Next, you'll create a new form to add a new "Expression of Interest" post, and in that you can collect the information about the supplier's contact as well the person who is showing the interest.

3. In the post status settings of the form, you can choose "Pending Review" for the newly-created posts.

4. In the post expiration settings, you can set the post to expire in the desired days (for example 10 days), and on expiration set the post status to change into "Trash".

5. And, then you can add two new notifications in the form:
a). The first one is sent at the time of form submission
b). The second one is sent, the desired days (for example 5 days) before the expiration.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further assistance around this.



Hi Waquar,
thanks for your explanation.
This is the form from the clients current site: hidden link (which is a form for general inquiries)
AND also for example there are forms for specific inquiries forms (services and/or products which belong to a specific supplier -> hidden link
So a user fills out these forms. The filled out form (I think this are the custom fields from the form) has to be placed on two different Pages on their new Website. One Page is called "Angebote" (in English Template offers) which shows the filled out data from the Form I posted above but WITHOUT the users contact details. A second Page contains this Template offer WITH the users contact details, but this page will only be visible for suppliers, which have a premium membership on the clients site.
So these are the steps:
1.) A user (Interest) fills out the form above. Either it is the form for general inquiries or a from from a product/service from a specific supplier. So in the second case (the spcific forms) I have to work with relationships, right?
2.) If it is the form for general inquiries: The conent of the filled out form has to be placed on the Page "Angebote" (Template offers) WITHOUT the users personal data, which is availabe for public.
3.) If it is a specific form form a supplier (service or product -> see second link above): Here it has to be checked, if the supplier behind this product has a premium membership or not. If he hasn't a premium membership, he should receive a mail (from my first post here which you answered) that if he wants to see the inquiry with the users data, he has to be a membership. If the supplier doesn' react to this mail, he should receive a second mail (reminder) after three days (this is the automatic mail about we talked above). So if he decides to buy a premium membership, he should see the users data in his looged in area. The filled out form WITHOUT the users data has also to be placed on the Template Offers Page ("Angebote") for public.

Is this all doable with Toolset? Because if I understand your answer, the post with has to be moved to the trash in order to send automatic reminder mails, so the post can not longer be used?




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Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for writing back and for sharing these details.

Your understanding of points 1 and 2 is correct and there will be two main types of forms:

a). General inquiry
b). Specific product/service inquiry

For conditional check for the premium membership, there will be two separate forms for the "Specific product/service inquiry" too:

a). Specific product/service inquiry form for premium suppliers
b). Specific product/service inquiry form for non-premium suppliers

As the name indicates, the first form ( "Specific product/service inquiry form for premium suppliers" ) will be for the suppliers which are already a premium, and therefore, they won't need the notification or reminder to become one.

The second form ( "Specific product/service inquiry form for non-premium suppliers" ) will be for the non-premium suppliers, so you'll use the approach suggested in my earlier reply to send a notification or reminder to become a premium supplier.

Note: You don't have to move the post to the trash and in my workflow, I just wanted to give you an idea of how the post-expiration feature works and what is possible through it.



My issue is resolved now. Thank you!