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[Resolved] Search slows down the site for users, but not admins

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Last updated by erinH 2 months, 2 weeks ago.

Assisted by: Waqar.



We are having a weird issue with our site speed when using search and for a minute or two after performing a search. When a users performs a search on our site, the search takes 15-40 seconds to complete. Any page they try to visit after that takes over a minute to load.

This problem doesn't happen for admins, the search and subsequent page loads take <2 seconds for me.

My initial thought is that content protection on our posts is causing Toolset to load slower for users that are affected by them. Admins see all posts, so they don't have the same load time. I can't understand how or why the pages after a search would be slowed by doing a search.

Loom video of the issue: hidden link

Would a users visibility to posts lower the speed of a search? And is there any reason you can think of why other pages would be affected by a search?



Hi Braden,

Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

Your website seems to be using optimization plugins, as well as plugins for security and CDN services. All these plugins can give certain relaxations/by passing to 'administrator' users which would explain the slight difference in page loading.

In your screen recording though the difference in page loading time is fairly long. I used the user-switching plugin to test those pages using the same test user as your screencast but didn't experience the same delay.
(the difference between the loading and searching time for both user types was at a maximum between 15-20 seconds)

Are you noticing this while using any specific browser? Also, did you use the proper login or the user-switching plugin for your tests?



Hi Waqar,

I used a test profile I set up to see the differences. I set it as a subscriber in the search in the video, then made it an admin for the second one. This issue was reported from multiple users with different browsers. I use chrome, but safari and firefox also have it happen.

I hadn't thought about other plugins or our CDN impacting user speed, I only knew about content permissions being the difference between admins and users.

I was going through and turning off plugins one-by-one to test, and with Relvanssi turned off the issue is gone. Search results also appear in roughly the same order, which makes me think something is wrong with our install that would be causing this. I'll reach out to the Relevanssi dev and see if he has heard about this before.

Thank you, sorry to be a bother!


erinH confirmed that the issue was resolved on 2024-05-03 20:06:08.
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