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[Resolved] relationship

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Hello support team,

I am learning relationships now.
Please see the attached file.
Here are the questions:
In the toolset manual, when bridging speaker and event, custom field talks selects "period, room, talk title, language" from new fields respectively. I think that these items must be registered in advance for these words to appear in the new field. I didn't know when and where it was set. Please support me.




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Hi there

In your screenshots of the Add New Field dialog from the wizard to create a Relationship, in one it is offering already existing fields from other custom field groups that can be added to the relationship. But if you want to add new fields then you would use the "Choose from the default fields" button, which goes to your second screenshot.

There, instead of showing actual existing fields, because you are creating new fields it offers the different types of fields you can create (e.g. select fields, radio fields, email fields, image fields, etc.).

In your case, if you are creating new fields then this is where you can create them. I imagine you would use a Single Line text field to create the "talk title" field, for example.


Dear Nigel,

Thank you for your contact.
Your support has led me to think:
・In order to create custom fields such as duration, room, talk title, language, select A (single line) in the default field to create duration, room, talk title, ◎ (Radio button) to create a language.
The result is as attached.

If this setting method is good, it means that creating custom fields (duration, room, talk title, language) for bridging in advance is a more important factor.
Is my understanding as above correct?




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Hi Yoshihiko,

Thanks for writing back.

I feel there is a difference between your understanding and what Nigel explained. I'll explain it again in a slightly different way.

The default and basic field types will always remain the same, and the list is available in this documentation link:

You can't add new field types to these existing field types.

However, for convenience, when you're editing a field group connected to a one-to-many relationship (as shown in your recent screenshot), you'll see the option to choose from the already registered custom fields, so that you don't have to add them again.

This doesn't mean that these existing fields will also be available when you're adding fields into regular custom field groups.

I hope this makes it more clear.



Dear waqar,

Thank you for contacting me.

I would like to ask the same question from a different angle. I think my question is not getting across well. Please see the attached file. I have specifically addressed my question there.





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Thank you for sharing this screenshot.

Yes, now I can confirm that your understanding is correct. For the fields to be available for selection as existing fields, they need to be set/registered, in some other custom field group.

You're welcome to mark this ticket as resolved and start a new one for each new question or concern.


Dear waqar,

Thanks for your answer.
I appreciate your understanding of the intent of my question.
Also, my question has been resolved.
Thank you very much.

Warm regards,


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