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[Resolved] Post Object for Content Selection

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Is this something I need to submit as a feature request (which never get a reply and seam to go nowhere so I hesitate to start there, It's like throwing an idea at a wall)

this is something I have to do ALL the time, I have a post type for something like say "testimonials" no on my pages I need to input a block that shows say 3 testimonials that the author chooses. What I'd LOVE would be to create a View and set the Content Selection to manual and upon inserting the view have a selector to pick which 3 posts they want.

I know we have the option in blocks view to create it and manually add the post IDs that we want but that is tedious and clients don't understand that, plus then you need to save out the view re-use it and change them each time. So I end up creating my own ACF block with a hidden link post object field for something that I could simply build out and style in toolset quickly but simply because the query selector options suck so bad for UX I have to use ACF for this use case of which I run into at least once on EVERY build that I get.



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Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

To use a reusable layout, where you have the flexibility to select a specific post, you can use a content template too.

For example, you can create a new content template "Single Display Testimonial" and without assigning it to any post type, design it the way you'd like your individual testimonial item to show.

Next, where ever you need to show a specific testimonial item, you can call this content template in a "Fields and Text" block, using the shortcode "wpv-post-body", with the target testimonial post's ID passed in the "item" attribute:
( ref: )

For example:

[wpv-post-body view_template="template-name" item="123"]

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further assistance around this.



Gotcha OK, so I guess it's a feature request having a solution with a post picker as clients can't be expected to lookup post IDs



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Thanks for writing back.

Yes, it would be a feature request that in views and/or content templates, a post lookup field is added to select specific post(s).

You're welcome to submit it at: