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[Resolved] new taxonomy

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Last updated by Waqar 9 months, 1 week ago.

Assisted by: Waqar.


Some time ago I added a new taxonomy to the existing custom post type.

I didn't realize right away that it was starting to cause problems.

I couldn't update old posts.

Later, when I realized that the problem was the new taxonomy, I installed the classic editor to see if the problem was API calls, and yes, when I updated the post with the classic editor, everything was ok.

Due to both time and laziness, I ignored this and continued to create new posts, but did not enter the data in that new taxonomy in the post edit page. When I publish a new post, I use quick edit to enter the data in that new taxonomy, and it worked ok.

A week ago I changed hosting, and now new problems have appeared, also related to that taxonomy.

Now, in addition to the toolset not being able to save data in the new taxonomy, it's bugging the entire server for some reason.

Now, when I create a new post in that custom category, the moment I add any taxonomy, the site slows down significantly, and after a few minutes, it crashes the entire server.

After several attempts, when I publish the post and the server recovers, if I try the old trick again to enter the data in that new taxonomy using quick edit where posts are listed (backend - archive - all items), the same thing also happens, the site slows down and the server crashes. Also, after doing this, I go to edit post to check if new data is saved and notice that taxonomies are loading very slowly, sometimes I wait 3-5 minutes for all taxonomies to load.

Now I've reached the point where I can't update any post, because all the posts have taxonomies, and after every attempt, the server crashes and I get "Error establishing a database connection" on the screen.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

I get "Error establishing a database connection" on the screen.
This is server related. On your server either you have limited resources or there must be maintenance going on. Can you please first get in touch with your hosting authority and check with them that the site is hosted on their server has enough resources as I can see you have thousands of posts available with your post type "strains".

Can you please first check with them and also it seems you shared the test server, it everything working as expected with your test server as you original/production site is seems different: hidden link



You know, when you have a problem, and you wait 24 hours for the support to answer you, and then you see an answer like this, you have to ask yourself whether I should continue with this application or just replace it...

By the way, you have already guided me through the process of how to use toolset with 2023 for a whole week...
In the end it turned out that it was not possible, because the toolset cannot be used with the default themes 2022 and 2023.

Shouldn't support know things like this?

Can someone who is professional and more experienced help me with this problem or not?


I have given you the data for staging, log in, open any post in the custom category 'strains', find the taxonomy 'parents' and try to add something to that taxonomy.

Do that and explain to me why when the data is entered in that taxonomy, ONLY IN THAT TAXONOMY, moment I press update post, the whole server is broken?



Thank you for sharing these details and Minesh has requested me to follow up.

While I can see the issue with editing/addition of this 'Parents' taxonomy on your website, I couldn't reproduce this on my test website.
( I used the same taxonomy name, slug, and taxonomy settings, to make sure the cause is not the use of a generic 'parent' word, which could be a WordPress-reserved word, but is not the case )

Can you please temporarily turn on WordPress debugging and see if any errors or warnings are recorded in the error logs when the server crashes?
( ref: )

In case there are no errors/warnings, I'll need your permission to download the clone/snapshot of your website, to investigate this on a different server.



Yes there are errors, only thing is I don't understand any of this.

Link to a report:

hidden link

Yes, you are free to download or clone website.


Thank you for the permission.

During troubleshooting on your website's clone, I was able to confirm that the use of the taxonomy slug 'parent' is what causing this issue.

When the request for this taxonomy's change/update process is sent from the 'strain' post's edit screen, WordPress confuses this with the parent in terms of hierarchy level and not as the taxonomy's slug.

When I changed this taxonomy's slug from 'parent' to 'parent-tax', it was fixed. You can also change that slug to something else and it will work.

Note: The errors and warnings in the error log that you've shared all are related to the Wordfence plugin and seem safe to ignore.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need further assistance.


You were on the right track from the very start.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it

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