Divi integration with Toolset – The first update is out!


June 2, 2017

Remember our post from a few days ago?

We are happy to announce that the first step in the improvement of the integration is ready. We have fixed a few technical issues as well.

From now, you get the advanced features of Toolset without disrupting your favorite theme options: we are keeping Divi theme responsible for the envelope, header, and footer.

We invite you to create a template for custom post types and see how it’s nicely integrated into the page.

We’ve made a short video to illustrate the changes:

You need to install the latest version of Layouts (V 2.01) to see how to insert the content Layout.

The integration plugin is now obsolete, you don’t need it anymore to make things work. If you have the plugin installed, it will continue working, your site will not break. What we’re offering now is a simpler solution, but the old solution remains functional.

Let us know in the comments what you think!


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  1. This looks like great news! Just wondering. At the end you show what look like Bootstrap Cards? I have experienced some serious pinching on mobile using Divi and Toolset and Bootstrap Cards. Has this be tried on mobile? Also, is there a demo site we can download or use to test please? This looks like a great addition if it all works smoothly. Thanks for all the hard work…

    • We can’t put this on a demo site because Divi is a paid theme and we cannot redistribute it. It would be best to help with cards on mobile in Toolset support. Please show us what’s happening (on a site that you build), paste a link to your site, explain what you need help with and our support team will do its best.

      You can add another comment here with the link to your support ticket, so I can follow up.

  2. “The integration plugin is now obsolete, you don’t need it anymore to make things work. If you have the plugin installed, it will continue working, your site will not break. What we’re offering now is a simpler solution, but the old solution remains functional”

    Can we expect with this new (simpler solution) you also working to do the same integration for GeneratePress theme.

  3. Maybe I’m just thick, but I still don’t quite see the need to have layouts in the mix at all. Can’t we already do this all with divi builder and the text module?

    • My understanding is that you may not need Layouts with Divi, depending on your site. On my site using Toolset and Divi, I didn’t need Layouts, I just used Views.

      In other cases, like the first example in the video, it might be easier to user layouts for your CPT because the content is complex and may be coming from more than one source. You might be able to do it with Views alone, but the HTML and CSS for the showing everything would be messy. In that kind of situation, when using Layouts you are moving around blocks of content, which would be easier.

      That is my best understanding. I’m curious if other people have insight on when you would use Layouts with Divi.

    • When you want to build a page that includes a lot of Toolset elements, it’s convenient to use a visual builder. You can certainly do that with Divi and you can do that with Layouts.

      To build with Divi, use the Text cell and insert any Toolset element into it.

      When you design templates and archives, it may be best to use Toolset features because Divi doesn’t have the settings to control templates and archives.

  4. lucky I tested this on my staging environment…

    the new plugin cause some issues and brake the site when deactivating the Toolset Divi Integration. if the Toolset Divi Integration is still active there is an issue in the back end of adding custom fields to templates. I have a thread with support on this and hope to see a fix as soon as possible.

    • Hi,

      I’m really sorry to hear that David.
      We are coordinating this internally to understand what would be the cause. We will update you shortly in the support.

  5. Hi,

    the new update is great! Thanks for your constant improvements.

    My only complain, after playing with it a bit, is that it still miss the point of using Divi.

    When a developer choose Divi is mostly because with this theme it’s fast and easy to create a good looking design.
    This involve using Divi modules, of course, and all this modules use different field to insert content (Title, subtitle, Image URL etc….)

    Of course, If you use the same word or sentence in different modules, it can be a pain to change these, because you have to go through any single module, save , update…..
    There is where Types should be “nested”!

    As example: let’s create a custom post type called “Concerts”, with “name”, “artist”, “date”, “venue”, “image” fields.
    Then I create a Divi template about this concert event, adjust the design and insert these Types shortcodes as placeholder. Not only in the content field, but everywhere needed (Title, subtitle, Image URL etc….).

    Now I can use this Divi template for all future concerts, and I only need to insert the new details in Types fields to have all headings, sub-headings, titles and images changed.

    Let’s hope on the next update…. 😉


  6. This is excellent. Thanks for your commitment to improving Divi Toolset integration!

    Does the new approach accommodate Divi integration of single post templates created using Layouts?

  7. Currently both Toolset WooCommerce Views and/or Toolset Layouts will break several of my client sites that are use the Divi theme/framework. Turning on any other Toolset plugin works just fine, activate either of these and product pages loose images, layouts etc. For customization, these are the two modules most of our clients really need working with the current version of Divi.

    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for informing us about a potential issue. Did you open a ticket in our technical forum about this? I tried my best to find it but without any success.
      Please open a new ticket explaining the issue you are experiencing and our support will take care of you.
      I’ll coordinate this internally as well and we will update you shortly.

      Sorry for this inconvenience,


  8. The Toolset Bootstrap CSS has some compatiblity issues with the Divi theme. See wp-types.com/forums/topic/divi-theme-compatibility-with-toolset-bootstrap-css/

  9. How do I use old layout for custom posts with the new divi integration?

    I’m having an issue with the layout I created for a custom post type. without the divi integration plugin I cannot see the layout and instead I get a generic post page. the custom post type is not displaying with the layout I designed before the update…
    https://stage.dazonetworks.com/in_memory_of/o1020b/ vs. https://support.dazonetworks.com/in_memory_of/o1020b/
    Please advise how I can use the layout I created before the update with divi without the divi integration plugin.