Toolset Types 3.4.17 – Bugfix Release

November 2, 2022

We just released Toolset Types 3.4.17. This update includes fixes for various issues as well as a performance improvement.

Our team is continuing to make sure Toolset is stable and performs well on your sites. In addition to the Types 3.4.17 release, you can expect other updates coming soon for Blocks, Views, and other Toolset plugins.

What’s New in Types 3.4.17


  • Addressed various issues with the WYSIWYG field by implementing a much more stable fix for the race condition caused by a WordPress bug:
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Uncanny Automator plugin that was breaking its TinyMCE inputs.
  • Prevented a fatal error in the background while sending posts with Repeatable Field Group items to translation.
  • Ensured that custom post fields with the Copy and Copy once translation settings are correctly pre-populated on a New Post page.
  • Fixed image editing issues related to PHP 8 compatibility.
  • Prevented a PHP warning (or error in PHP8) when multiple values are passed to meta_key in WP_Query arguments.


  • Added a minimum length to autocomplete on some Toolset listing pages in the WordPress admin.

How to Update to Toolset Types 3.4.17

We are rolling this release out gradually, so not everyone will see it right away. If you want to update before it’s available to you, you can manually check for the update. To do this, go to PluginsAdd New and click the Commercial tab. Then, click Check for updates to see the available update.

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Comments 8 Responses

  1. Would be great if this update fixes my memory issues I’m having with authors in combination with toolset access and PHP 8.

    I tested Toolset Types 3.4.17 on a test install but I’m having problems. (e.g. it won’t show any existing custom posts when I try to set a relationship). Even if I disable toolset access, the old custom posts don’t appear to connect to an existing custom post.

    Should I wait until toolset access is updated and if so, when will it be?

    • Hi Torsten – Thanks for your comment. We don’t have a release date planned for the next Access update at this time. I consulted our support team about the issue you described, but they would need to investigate further. Please open a support ticket so our team can learn more.

      • I just noticed that it says “Please enter 3 or more characters”. I just saw that the changelog says, “Added a minimum length for autocomplete on some toolset list pages in the WordPress admin.” I prefer the old way of showing the most recent ones until I started typing. Is there perhaps a setting to bring it back?

  2. Quite messy after core and module updates.

    “Fields and text” block breaks when I try to modify it.
    – Fixed after downgrading to WP core v6.0.1 to stop that from breaking and be able to modify it.

    “Single field” block lost ability to pull data from custom post types, as these no longer appear in the search form.
    – Fixed that using a shortcode block instead