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WooCommerce Tutorial

12Displaying more information from WooCommerce

WooCommerce includes a lot of information about Orders that are of interest to your store’s visitors. Toolset lets you easily display Order information on the front-end.

This guide is the twelveth step of our WooCommerce tutorial: How to build an e-commerce website in 12 steps.

Visit the tutorials listed below to learn how to display different Orders information.

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12.1 How to display WooCommerce Orders on the front-end

The Toolset WooCommerce Views plugin allows you to easily display WooCommerce orders on your site’s front-end. This page explains how to do this and provides tips on customizing their display on the front-end.

Learn how to display WooCommerce Orders on the front-end

12.2 How to display customers who also bought the product

Sometimes, you might want to display customers who bought the product, when that product’s page is visited on the front-end. You can easily do this with Toolset and this page explains how.

Learn how to display customers who also bought the product

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