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Complete Building Blocks for Your Sites

With Modules, you can easily reuse your designs in different websites and create your library of building blocks. Download our reference modules and use in your sites.

Toolset Modules Library

You can create your own modules, or import existing ones. Feel free to browse the library of modules that we’ve created for you, download and adapt them to your needs.

The testimonials appear in a single column list. Each testimonial contains a rounded image of the individual on the left with their content and personal details next to it.

Documentation Testimonials – single column list Live Demo

  • Bootstrap columns
  • Responsive

The testimonials appear in a slider with one testimonial per slide. The user sees a round photo at the top with the content below followed by the author’s details. The slide automatically rotates or the user can scroll through them.

Documentation Testimonials – one cell slider Live Demo

  • Bootstrap columns
  • Rounded images
  • Responsive

The testimonials appear in a three column grid. Within each testimonial, there is a round photo of the individual at the top with their testimonial in quote text below it. At the bottom are their personal details.

Documentation Testimonials – three column grid with larger photos Live Demo

  • Bootstrap grid
  • Rounded photos
  • Responsive

Three testimonials appear on a slider next to each other. The slider rotates every few seconds. For each testimonial you can see the author image and an excerpt. More details appear when you hover over each one.

Documentation Testimonials – three cell slider Live Demo

  • Responsive
  • Fade transition effect

The testimonials appear in a three-column grid. Each cell consists of the individual’s feedback with a small round photo of them and their personal details in capital letters below the content.

Documentation Testimonials – three column grid Live Demo

  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap grid

How to Install New Modules

01 Make sure you have the Toolset Module Manager plugin active.
02 Go to Toolset -> Modules, switch to the Modules library tab
03 Select your category, e.g. Portfolio
04 Click Import next to the module you want to install