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I am doing a event registration page. I have a main product (event registration) with additional items to added to the event registration like number of attendees per room and meals. All this info needed to be in a single page so the customer does not have to keep going back and forth to the main shop page. It would be a sort of variation depending of the amount of attendee.

The goal is to have the regular price displayed, however the attendee can increment the number of attendees which will eventually change the price. The same to the meals, depending the number of attendees the meals will be added to the price. I am aware I might need to apply some conditional functions, but can I have it all in a single page? I want to avoid the customer leaving the product page, and making all options available at the current product page, only departing when going into the order page. Is there documentation for this? All I have seen is just for a single product without much information if I want to modify quantities and price variation.

I have created some custom fields, but how do I have the price from the custom field variation to be available for "add to cart price"?




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Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

To achieve what you're planning, the most natural way would be to use WooCommerce's own product variations feature:

Instead of adding custom fields to the products, you can add "Number of attendants" and "Number of meals" as product attributes and add respective terms to those attributes.
( e.g. 1 attendant, 2 attendants, 3 attendants ... & 1 meal, 2 meals, 3 meals ... )

After that, you can create the desired product variations and set the prices to those variations. As a result, your visitors will see the option to select the desired number of attendants and meals on the single product page and the price will automatically update based on the selection.