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[Resolved] Views displays empty loop for event calendar

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Last updated by Luo Yang 5 years, 1 month ago.

Assisted by: Luo Yang.


Oh and just so there's no confusion over what's going on with the frontend, I have left Pages selected in addition to Events as post types under Content Selection so both Views output as they should.

If you deselect Pages post type under Content Selection in each View, then refresh the homepage and any page with a sidebar, the View will output the "No upcoming CISO Events found" message.

Also, if only Events is selected, try adding any content anywhere - in the loop item for the View, within the View loop, outside View loop - and check the pages.

The output won't change (it will still just display the "No Upcoming CISO Events found" message).

Not sure if that helps to get to the bottom of things, but thought I would point it out.


Thanks for the details, here are what I found in your website:
1) Deactivate all other plugins except Toolset plugins + the "The Events Calendar" plugin
hidden link

2) Test the home page again, it does not display view "Homepage CISO Forum", so I simply put the view's shortcode into the page content:
hidden link

Test home page again, post view "Homepage CISO Forum" works just fine, you can see it here:
hidden link
just below the text "Views : Homepage CISO Forum"

3) Same as above, in the sidebar "Main sidebar"
hidden link
text widget "Also debugging this section", put the view's shortcode directly into content:
[wpv-view name="homepage-ciso-forum"]

It works fine in front-end:
hidden link

So it should be a compatibility problem of your website, you might consider to output the view's shortcode directly, see the example of step 3)


It seems that if either Astra Pro or Beaver Builder plugin is active, the problem happens (the only other active plugins are Toolset and Events Calendar).

But I can "solve" the problem by adding any other post type in the Views Content Selection in addition to Events.

It doesn't seem to matter if I use the Views shortcode or add via the Views widget.

Unless an additional post type is selected under Content Selection in the View, if either Beaver Builder or Astra Pro is active, the View won't output as expected.

The error log I sent over earlier - which I have to say I really don't understand - shows database errors including references to an unknown column with references to Event Calendar, Views, and Beaver Builder


So it is a compatibility problem, as you can see, other plugins (Astra Pro or Beaver Builder plugin) should not change view's result, I suggest you contact their supports for it.

I have checked the debug logs you provided above, all those debug are outputted in Jan 10th 2019 by another plugin, for example:

[Thu Jan 10 02:22:42.687475 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 9175] [client] WordPress database error Unknown column 'wp_postmeta.meta_value' 

It seems there is a database problem in Jan 10th 2019 , it is related with this problem, since this problem existed in your website today.


Please note that I activated all plugins on the website and am using the Views widget to output the content, with each View's Content Selection including Events and Pages or basically anything else.


It looks like I was typing my additional information while you were replying.

Anyway, as I understood it, Toolset plugins were fully compatible with Beaver Builder and Astra (at least the theme, which the site is using).

But there's obviously a compatibility problem between Toolset, Beaver Builder/Astra Pro, and the Events Calendar that can be "addressed" by selecting any other post type in addition to Events in Content Selection in a View.

I don't think that this is a problem I can solve by reaching out to the other developers. I think maybe Amir might have an easier time reaching out to Sujay as BSF or Robbie at BB or whoever the guys are at Event Calendar.


Since I don't have a copy of the Astra Pro or Beaver Builder plugins in my localhost (I got only the database dump file), please provide a copy of your website in below private message box:

And according to our workflow, we need duplicate the same problem in a fresh wordpress installation + detail steps.

Please provide detail steps for how and where do you setup the widget with Astra Pro or Beaver Builder plugins, I need to duplicate the same problem, then escalate this problem. thanks


Hi Luo

I have tried to copy the site (a couple of times) following the instructions on the page you linked to, but do not think I have been successful (I've provided the link, just in case I am mistaken).

Anyway, since that's just a dev environment and I am working on the site in a staging environment, feel free to do what you need to do on the website itself.

Here are the steps for setting up the widget.

First, on the homepage:

Click on the Beaver Builder link in the WP toolbar to open up the frontend editor
After page refreshes, scroll down the page to the ISSA International Events section
Click on CISO Executive Forum to open up the Beaver Builder WordPress widget module

You'll see that it's a Views widget, using the CISO Executive Forum View.

To create it yourself:

Hover over CISO Executive Forum
Click on the X in the options bar that will display on hover
Confirm that you want to delete it
Click on + in the righthand corner of the Beaver Builder toolbar that replaces the WordPress toolbar
Click on the dropdown (defaults to Standard Modules) in the panel that appears
Select WordPress Widgets
Drag and drop WP Views widget into the column that was left empty by deleting the widget
Click on the dropdown
Select CISO Executive Forum
Click Save

To save the current page:

Click on the Done button in the righthand corner of the Beaver Builder toolbar
Click on Publish

I added the sidebar View in the WordPress dashboard under Appearance > Widgets. I just selected WP Views for the Main Sidebar, then chose the CISO Executive Forum View.

Please note that both Views are functioning as they should at the moment - with Beaver Builder and Astra Pro active - because I have an additional post type selected (in this case Pages, but it seems that it can be anything) under Content Selection in the corresponding Views (links provided earlier).

Please also note that the Astra Pro plugin (from Brainstorm Force, developers of WP Astra theme, which the site uses and which Toolset is fully compatible with, according to Toolset docs) doesn't play a role in setting up/adding these widgets, just Beaver Builder's WordPress Widgets module and WordPress' native widget (in Appearance > Widgets) with either Beaver Builder and/or Astra Pro active.

And the problem can be "solved" by selecting (any) additional post type under Content Selection in the appropriate View, with Beaver Builder and/or Astra Pro active.

One final thing that may be worth noting: this problem does not happen with any other post type, only with Events Calendar posts.

Once again, thanks for all your help with this, Luo.


Thanks for the details, I am checking it in your website, will update here if there is any found.


Here are what I found:

If I disable the "Astra Pro" plugin, then the problem is fixed,
If I disable the plugin "Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version)", the page display messed, the view "Homepage CISO Forum" does not output in the home page, so please provide downloadable URLs for both plugins :
- Astra Pro
- Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version)

You can put them in your own google drive disk, and share the link in below private message box. thanks


Sorry for the delay.

The problem remains but I am unable to send you what you asked for because both are premium plugins and I can't share my license keys.


Since it is a compatibility problem, Astra Pro plugin is not a Toolset plugin, so we can't guaranty it is full compatible, see our Support Policy:
We cannot always fix compatibility issues arising from third-party plugins and themes

According to our workflow, I can escalate the compatibility issue, but I need to duplicate the same problem in my localhost, and provide detail steps to our developers.

Thanks for understanding.

This ticket is now closed. If you're a Toolset client and need related help, please open a new support ticket.