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[Resolved] View filter by related posts of same Post Type

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Basically I need to do what you already can with the Woocommerce add on, where woocommerce has fields built in for cross-sell and up-sell and Toolset allows you to have a view filtered by them. The issue I have is I need 3 different types of "related products" so I need to have another option I can filter in a view. I tried making a custom field option for another Woocommerce related product like in my image. However Toolset has built in option to filter a view by Upsells and Cross-sells, would it be hard to add my custom option in there with a filter at all?

Or I'm also have to use a toolset field however I could not find a way to create any type of "related post" field where I can select the SAME post type for this type of child relationship.



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Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

Your observation is correct and the Toolset post-relationship feature can't be used in this case, since it doesn't allow connection between the same post types.

To group similar products, in a way that they're also filterable through Views, you can add a new custom taxonomy, for example, 'Consumables'. In that, you can add taxonomy terms with group names and then attach these terms to related products.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further assistance around this.



It's a shame toolset doesn't have a same post object field along the lines of ACF's hidden link especially since the Woocommerce Upsell and Crosssell product filters are doing exactly that. the post object field makes it a lot easier to select a couple related posts on a CPTs. I wonder what the limitation is that prevents the post relationship feature to not work on the same post type? Also the functionality seams already build out..

If I use the Tax filter how would that work then? Because I have like 300+ printers and each one has 3-4 consumables attached. So If I make a Tax called "consumables" and on the product single I want to show the attached "consumables" does the "printer" need to also have a matching Tax to the consumables so I would have

post title -- Consumable tax term
Printer HP3040 - hp3040
consumable 1 - hp3040
consumable 2 - hp3040
consumable 3 - hp3040

Then on my single page template the view I would set needs to be dynamic so I would choose "Set by the page where the view is shown"?? because that "page" would be the single view for the Printer HP3040 post item which has the hp3040 term which will pull in the other ones?



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Thanks for writing back.

The main limitation has been the current structure of how post-relationships are handled. Although I don't have a time estimate to share at the moment, work is underway to support relationships between the same post types.

Your understanding of my suggested taxonomy approach is correct. As long as you've assigned the common taxonomy term to the relevant 'printer' and its 'consumable' products, you'll be able to show those consumables products on the single printer product page, using the taxonomy filter in the view.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!