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[Closed] Very slow performance.

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Last updated by Luo Yang 1 year, 4 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


Please assign this ticket to Waqar.


We are experiencing a very slow performance on our website, morein particular on this page: hidden link. However, we have installed and configured Wp Rocket to cache the site as well as Imagify (developed by WP Rocket) to compress images.

We have a view that queries "only" 18 posts per page, we think the speed is very slow due to this view that filters for next posts from other pages to compare the actual date with all about 9.000 posts as of now (this total number of posts will add up to more than 1 million posts over a short period of time).

Both the page speed to load hidden link as well as the filter option to load the 'Stad' (after having selected the 'Provincie') perform very slow.

Are there any specific ways to ultra speed up these issues?


Luo Yang

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Waqar is on vacation.

I suggest you follow our document to customize view's query: How to Use Views Custom Search on Large Sites


When is Waqar back at work?


Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

He will be back on Friday, please let me know if you want to wait for him


I want to wait for him unless you can advise us how to increase the performance step-by-step instead of just sharing an article.


Hi Waqar,

We've performed some further testing on this issue.
When we visit hidden link as a logged out user the page loads rather fast.
However when we try to visit the next pages (also as a logged out user) or when we visit hidden link as a logged in user the page load is VERY slow.



Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

Thank you for waiting, while I performed some speed tests on a couple of different devices and browsers.

Your observation is correct and there is a prominent variance in the loading times, depending on whether you view the page as a logged-in administrator or as a regular user/visitor.

On average the page "/eigendom-zoeken/" loads under 5 seconds, with a total resource size limited to 9.7 MB, when viewed as a guest.

But, when the same page is viewed as an administrator, the load time jumps to around 2 mins and the total resource size is 96 MB, which is huge.

This is expected and there are various reasons which are causing this:

1. The images used on the page are over 6 MB on average, which is a fairly big size for the web images. When the page is viewed as administrator, no optimizations are applied and the page's content and images are loaded in their actual size, which increases the page's loading time.

When the page is viewed as a non-administrator, the optimized image copies in smaller sizes are served through Nitro CDN, which improves the performance.

2. The same is true of the other optimization and cache plugins on your website. These plugins exclude their optimizations for the administrators, so that they can always view the original and up-to-date output of the website, without any delay in changes due to cached content. If administrators are also shown optimized and cached content, it will cause a delay in the changes, confusing them that the changes they are making are not working at all.

3. On top of that, WordPress and activity tracking plugins also perform additional administrative tasks in the background when you're viewing the page as an administrator. This also adds up to loading speed, making you think that the website is slow.

For these reasons, I'll recommend using a non-administrator user account with the role that most of your users will be using, to analyze the real user experience and page loading times. The administrator user account will not give you the true picture, in this case.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further assistance around this.




We've tested the page load as a logged out user. These are the findings after reading your reply:

1. when we visit hidden link and open every "next" page these pages still load "very" slow.
2. when we visit hidden link and filter on "provincie" the "stad" is still loading "very" slow.
3. css is broken on the first paint of the content on "every" page.


In addition to issue 1. Even the pages "without" any images on them load "very" slow.



Can we solve these issues now?



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Thank you for waiting.

I'm afraid, you haven't provided any information about your testing process, speed testing tool, or specific data of how much time the page is taking to load.

I used 3 online speed testing tools for the page in question and I saw exceptionally good results:

1. Google's Pagespeed Insights:
hidden link
Mobile test screenshot: hidden link
Desktop test screenshot: hidden link

2. Pingdom Website Speed Test:
hidden link
Screenshot: hidden link

3. GTmetrix:
hidden link
Screenshot: hidden link

None of these tools show any warning/recommendation about broken CSS on the first paint of the content.

When I filter the results based on "provincie", I do see a long delay in which the search is completed. However, you'll see a number of 408 Request Timeout errors in the browser's console, which would explain the delay. You can consult your hosting's support team to sort out these timeout errors, by increasing the timeout duration.
( hidden link )

When it comes to page speed loading times, it is important to remember that the page's loading time will increase with the amount of overall content that it will need to load and render, along with the database operations that will be needed in the background. This principle will remain the same regardless of the website builder, theme, or plugins that will be used on the website. If a website has a lot of data/posts, performing database operations like search, pagination, etc, will take more time.

A simpler HTML static text page will always be faster than a static HTML page with images. Likewise, a static HTML page with images will always be faster than a dynamic page that creates the content from the database.

I'll recommend following the suggestions mentioned on the test result pages shared above and general points on WordPress website optimization from these guides, should also help:
hidden link
hidden link

image bottleneck.png
image speed.png


We already followed the suggestions mentioned for optimizing the performance and we have consulted our hosting team to sort out the timeout errors, by increasing the timeout duration, but these points alone will not solve the issue, I am afraid.

Here are the results we get from testing (which are quite different).

The load time to just requesting a city is currently 15.88 seconds (screenshot attached).

It is the "time to first byte" duration that is our big concern.

The queries executed on that page are absolutely not performant. And we assume that that is largely due to the combination of Toolset with Types and many custom fields and the way in which the views are queried. In our test searching for a property triggers not less than "7879" database queries. This is a huge bottleneck (screenshot attached).

This worries me a lot because it's just a single post - without any image(s) - being displayed via a template. It is not a page with lots of nested views to display related posts that include query filters using custom fields...

Please suggest any solution that can significantly improve the performance.



Does the below plugin integrate with toolset and will it drastically speedup filtering on hidden link?

hidden link



Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

In your view's search block's settings, you'll see that the "Show only filter options that would produce results" option is checked.
( screenshot: hidden link )

When that option is checked, a fair amount of pre-processing is required in the background, whenever any search filter value is changed.

To improve the performance of the search filters, you can disable that option.

We don't offer integration with the ElasticPress plugin officially, so you'll have to test that on your website to see if results in any performance benefits.

For elastic search, you can also check out the WPSOLR plugin, which apparently offers an add-on for the Toolset views:
hidden link



We've unckecked the "show only filter" option but filtering keeps being very slow. In particular when being logged in as an administrator.

Moreover when we try to visit the next pages on hidden link the pages keep loading very slow (also as a logged out user).

Please suggest a solution that will significantly improve the performance.

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