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[Escalated to 2nd Tier] Toolset Woocommerce Blocks are thus far incompatible with HPOS

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Last updated by Luo Yang 1 year, 2 months ago.

Assisted by: Luo Yang.


Hey, it's not something related to my site in particular. Right now Toolset Woocommerce Blocks (plugin) is flagged as incompatible with Woocommerce HPOS. As anyone with a large site (thousands of orders, etc) can attest to, the wp_post and postable order's management is the N°1 bottleneck.

I'm wondering if there's an ETA on making the plug-in compatible, it appears on the woo roadmap that it will be obligatory by Aug'23.



Where do you see this:

Toolset Woocommerce Blocks (plugin) is flagged as incompatible with Woocommerce HPOS

I have searched it in our forum, but don't find any related thread.

Here is a test site, you can reproduce the same problem in it:
hidden link

We need a live website to test and debug the compatibility issues.


Hey, so I went into the sandbox, deactivated a plugin and it went crit error on me, it's down, can't re-access it.

So, the issue is easily reproducible, it's not an issue with my system, since it's a WooCommerce flag:

Have Toolset Woocommerce Blocks plugin active, have woocommerce plugin active, go to this query while admin:

or you can go to woocommerce > settings > advanced > features > check the incompatibility with HPOS (High Performance Order Storage) formetly COT.

I guess I should've been more clear, this is a woocommerce feature, it's a new way to store orders in sql. I understand that if any plugin used wp_postmeta or wp_post directly to access Order info it would be default incompatible (for the final form that will not save a copy of the new orders into wp_postmeta), while if using the WC_Order class it would be seamlessly compatible.

This could be of help:

Here the hCaptcha dev noticed that if the plugin is WC aware ie: declares WC compatibily up to X, it should also declare compatibility with HPOS with a hook.


Thanks for the details, I have escalated this issue, will update here if there is anything news.