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[Resolved] Toolset Types Field Conditionals break CRED (does not show field)

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Last updated by smileBeda 2 years, 3 months ago.

Assisted by: Waqar.


I setup several fields in Types they show conditionally to a Radio Field.
This works great in the WP Admin > Edit post

In CRED however, the fields that are conditionally shown, will never show.
They are shortly visible on form load in the front end and then disappear.
Changing the value in the "conditioning" field will not trigger the "conditional" fields to show either.

Thus the only solution is to go thru 23 fields, delete each field the Condition I have had set, and then the Wp Admin > Post Edit will show them all no matter what (issue 1) and of course, since now they will actually show in CRED I will have to add conditionals in CRED (which is the right thing to do anyway, Types shouldn't influence Conditional display of Form fields)

This is a time consuming bug, it would be nice if you have a solution for it.

1. Setup several fields in types make one a radio with some options
2. make some fields to show, others not, based on said radio field value
3. create a cred form and see all fields that you conditionally control in types are invisible on front end form




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Hi Beda,

Hope you're well.

I've performed some tests with the latest version of Toolset Types and Forms but couldn't reproduce this.

Is it possible that you tested this before the latest releases of the plugin? Some fixes involving the conditional display of fields were covered in the latest Types 3.4.12 (released a couple of days ago).

In case the issue still persists, you're welcome to share temporary admin login details of a website where the issue can be seen.

Note: I've set your next reply as private.


Fields show once things are selected.png
Label Shows even if nothing is selected.png

Toolset Types 3.4.12 3.4.12
Toolset Blocks 1.6.1 1.6.1
Toolset Forms 2.6.11
Looks updated to me...
It is a client site, I cannot give access to it.

As I tested on fresh install just now, while it changed a bit from issue on client install, it is still not solved.
Now, while the input will show once I select option, the label is still showing in all cases (wether selection is made or not)
Database dump: hidden link

On the client site, the behaviour is the same just that the JS does not kick in either when selecting options and thus the inputs never show at all.
They use Generate Press theme and a bunch of plugins so that could be related, however there are no errors either in the console.

On client site I already moved on, so I have no opportunity to go back and grab a copy now.

On database dump I sent there are fields + form to see the issue, in the form you will see that no input is shown, if you select some radios then inputs are shown, but labels are shown always.

That is (part of) the issue I see/saw on user site.
The label should likely obey the same rule as the input.
IMO, the rules shouldn't be used on Forms, but that is another discussion. In forms we have form conditions and just because we want conditions in WP Backend does not mean we want them in Form as well.

I understand this last part is not a bug, however mentioning it because sometimes one can over-fix things 🙂


No reason to follow up. If you can replicate the issue, good. If not, not my problem either 🙂

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