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[Resolved] Split: display additional info in the map marker popup

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Last updated by simchaH 2 years, 5 months ago.

Assisted by: Waqar.


Also for the map marker- right now it is only showing the address from the main CPT, but I want to display additional info in the map marker popup that is from a separate CPT, is that possible?

Thank You!



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As mentioned in the other ticket, I'm not able to see how the views on the page are set up, in your website's admin area.

I'll need your permission to download your website's clone/snapshot, so that I can investigate this on a different server and suggest the next steps accordingly.

Please also share the details about the page in question and the additional info that you'd like to show in the map marker popup from a separate CPT.



You again have permission.

The page in question is the same as the other ticket where we are discussing the search bar nested view filter: hidden link
(It is the /dy-directory page).

The map marker popup currently displays the parent/Shiur Location CPT data easily. But when I try to add any custom post data from the Shiurim CPT (the Many/Child relation - which is the same CPT that is nested in the view loop from our other ticket), then it does not display. Is there a simple button I am missing to enable "displaying relationship/child post data"?

Thank You!



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Thank you for waiting.

To show the some data from the related "Shiurim" in the map marker's popup, you'll need to create a new classic editor view, with a relationship query filter to show only the "Shiurim" posts related to the "current post in the loop."

You can create a new view and name it something like "View to show related Shiurim data in map popup". In the query filter settings, you'll add a relationship filter, similar to how you added it in the "Shiurim View".

As this view will need to be called inside the map's pop-up, make sure to keep its output simple and minimal. In the loop editor wizard, you can select the unformatted option and disable the option "Use a Content Template to group the fields in this loop", so that the loop item content is added directly through the loop editor section. Any data or fields from the related "Shiurim" posts can be added within this view's loop ( i.e. between the "wpv-loop" tag ).

Also, check the checkbox "Disable the wrapping DIV around the View" below the loop editor section, to remove extra HTML elements from the view's output.

Once the view is ready, its shortcode can be added to the map block's popup content:
( ref: )

[wpv-view name="view-to-show-related-shiurim-data-in-map-popup"]


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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