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[Resolved] Split: Automatically selecting the related post in the form

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Last updated by Waqar 1 year, 8 months ago.

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Good morning (in portland oregon anyway 🙂 Waqar

I have solved my problem! The iphone was taking the images at a resolution that made the file size too big. I changed a few settings and now all is good. I do have another question tho.

I have a one (pod) to many (carts) relationship. When making a new cart post, in the form there is a dropdown to select the pod that the cart belongs to. The only way to arrive at the make a new cart page is from a button on the pod that the cart will belong to, so I already know what pod to assign the cart to. Is there a way to automatically assign this without needing a dropdown?

to reproduce:

go to

click a marker on the map, then click the link that pops up
click make a new pod button
login with donna tello pass blahblah
the pod-cart dropdown is in form.




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Hi Bryon,

To automatically select the "Pod" in the form's relationship field, you can follow these steps:

1. In the form's relationship field's setting, you'll see the field "Set default value from an URL parameter".

You can add a URL parameter like "rel-pod" in that field so that the field automatically gets the value from this URL parameter.
( screenshot: hidden link )

Note: If you've enabled the 'Expert mode' in the form, you'll include the URL parameter through the 'urlparam' attribute.
( ref: )

For example:

[cred_field field='@shop-book.parent' class='form-control' output='bootstrap' select_text='--- not set ---' required='false' urlparam='rel-pod']

2. Next, you'll update your "Add to cart" link, so that it includes the target "Pod" post's ID in the URL parameter 'rel-pod', so that the form knows, which pod to automatically select.

You can create a link like this in the "Fields and Text" block, using the following HTML code and shortcodes:

<a href="[wpv-post-url item='429']?rel-pod=[wpv-post-id]">Add a cart</a>

Note: The 429 is the ID of your website's 'Make a cart' page and [wpv-post-id] shortcode will add the current "Pod" post's ID in the link.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further assistance around this.


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