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[Resolved] Problem with Toolset form

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Last updated by Waqar 2 months, 3 weeks ago.

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Hello, I am facing some difficulties that (I think) should not be so difficult to solve

The first difficulty I have is that in my case the plugin does not allow me to create columns, being forced into an extraordinarily long form (I attach a screenshot of my editor, from what I have been able to review in official documentation, in theory yellow columns should appear to place elements, in my case it only allows me to place elements above or below)

The second difficulty I have is about uploading images, the form allows uploading one photo at a time, but in my project the user probably wants to upload 10-30 images, it is too much for the user to upload one by one. If the final form were like this, everyone would only upload 2 or 3 images, which would harm the project too much.

I look forward to any advice or help

Thanks greetings



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Hi there

Please see this short Loom video which shows how the editor should behave: you should be able to drag elements on top of each other which would trigger creating columns.

hidden link

If that's not working, can you please check your browser console for JS errors.

Regarding the upload process, you probably want to select the checkbox "Use the WordPress Media Library manager for image, video, audio, or file fields" in your form.

That will use the familiar WordPress media uploader, where users can drag and drop multiple images at a time.


Please don't close ticket just need a little more time


I really need a hand

Regarding the work of two columns I was able to find an explanation and solution. GeneratePress by default DOES NOT work with Bootstrap, in order to work with columns you would have to enable Bootstrap in Toolset configurations. In my personal case I think I will try to organize this by CSS, I consider it too heavy to integrate Bootstrap just for this, maybe you could consider optimizate this for the future, after all GeneratePress is a Theme recommended in your official documentation

But I really need a hand on loading multiple files simultaneously, I can't find a way. It is quite important for a current project and future projects if I continue using Toolset. I must not be the first person with this problem

Standard WordPress fields are single file uploads

Please help, I can't find a way and it is quite important to me


By the way, the form is for disconnected users, it doesn't make much difference to check the option to use media library in my case



Thank you for sharing this update.

Your observation is correct and the only bulk file upload feature that Toolset Forms supports is through the WordPress media gallery.

If that doesn't work for your project, then a possible workaround can be to include customization through a third-party library like:
hidden link

Toolset Forms API includes several hooks, which can be used to process and store uploaded files, into relevant custom field(s):

Another user has shared some pointers on how they managed to make it work:

For more personalized assistance around custom code, you can also consider hiring a professional from our list of recommended contractors:



Thanks for the information and confirmation, please consider feedback:

1 - It is heavy to enable bootstrap only to work on columns
2 - The forms are too heavy for users who need to upload more than two files (like any gallery)

In my opinion point 2 is completely critical. I don't think I will migrate the current project I have with Toolset, but point 2 will definitely make me prefer competing plugins if I anticipate that I will need to create a form for custom post type

In any case, thanks for the information and support.

hernanL confirmed that the issue was resolved on 2024-05-01 15:17:52.
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