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[Resolved] %%POSTADMINLINK%% inside post forms

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Display editing post form link in email notification.


Please try shortcode:

[wpv-post-edit-link text='Edit this post']

Relevant Documentation:

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I have a post form that sends a notification to the administrator when a user submits a new form. Inside the notification is a placeholder tag for the admin to access and view the new post - %%POSTADMINLINK$%% . I realized that it's not working and I think I know the reason why. I changed my backend URL to /backend instead of /wp-admin. If this is the reason it's not working, is there any way to change the placeholder value that it'll go to that custom URL so that the admin link can work?



Luo Yang

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There isn't built-in placeholder "%%POSTADMINLINK$%%" within Toolset Forms plugin, if you want to display Editing Post Link, please try shortcode:
[wpv-post-edit-link text='Edit this post']

See our document:


Thanks Luo, that worked! I do have one more ability that I'd like to input into the notification email if possible - is it possible to have the same [wpv-post-edit-link] link that you provided, for previous form submissions as well, all in 1 email notification?

To explain what I mean: the post form that this notification email is coming from, is the third form in a "3-form step-by-step process". Each of the 3 forms are for 3 separate CPT's, and they all connect to each other via Toolset relationships. I only have the final third form set up with a notification email, because I don't want to have 3 incoming emails for each "submission", rather I'd like 1 notification email with links to all 3 CPT's for viewing/editing. So an example notification email would be:

A new submission has been entered. Select the option below to view or edit:
[wpv-post-edit-link CPT-A text='Edit Post A'] .
[wpv-post-edit-link CPT-B text='Edit Post B'].
[wpv-post-edit-link CPT-C text='Edit Post C'].

Is something like this possible?


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Luo Yang

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I assume the original question of this thread is resolved, for other new issues, please check the new thread here:
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My issue is resolved now. Thank you!