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[Closed] Need to understand Maps limitations

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Tell us what you are trying to do?
We have a directory that lists therapy providers that are available locally or via telemedicine on the state level. Providers may have physical addresses that are relevant to visitors that would like to have an in person interaction. All providers can practice telemedicine in the state(s) they are licensed in. Providers may be licensed in any number of states.

For site visitors we have a single search hidden link that filters to 50 miles be default. Users do not appear to be modifying the miles field. The filter however fails uses that just search their state for providers that just have a state entry. The expected result for users that filter for state only is to get a list of all active providers in their state. We are guessing that the filter uses the center of state for the 50 mile radius? Please confirm.

Setting the filter larger by default yields too many results in high density areas like NY/NJ while not returning statewide providers in low density states such as Nevada (NV).

There seems to be a bug or limitation with the number of addresses we can associate with a record? See the screenshot below. We get type-ahead suggestions for the first # of addresses, that that stops and there is an error message. Entered addresses are persisted and appear to be included when filtering. Please advise as to what the limitations are.
hidden link

We'd love to hear suggestions. The conflict here appears to be the state level searches where the Maps integration appears to interfere. One idea I've had is to provide two searches. One based on Maps and a plain one for "telemedicine" searches. The later wouldn't have the map display I reckon. Also not sure if we need to have more fields or if we can use the "Address" fields to just search for states?

Is there any documentation that you are following?
I could not find documentation that documents my question.

What is the link to your site?
hidden link


We are guessing that the filter uses the center of state for the 50 mile radius? Please confirm.
Not exactly, no. The distance filter uses the location provided by the mapping system of your choice when searching for that state. If you go to and search for directions to Kansas, USA, the marker for that destination is placed in an arbitrary location determined by Google Maps. It does not appear to be the geographical center of the state in this case, it appears to be north of that, but the algorithm used to determine that position is not clear to me. The destination marker location is the location used when searching by distance from the location Kansas, USA in a custom search View.

Also not sure if we need to have more fields or if we can use the "Address" fields to just search for states?
Yes you'll probably be better off with a separate taxonomy or custom field for searching by state, since the address field / distance search feature is more appropriate for specific, full addresses. It does not consider geographical state/province boundaries or region-based searches for less specific locations.

Please advise as to what the limitations are.
I'm not aware of a limitation on the number of repeated addresses. I've set up a test in my local environment to confirm this, and I was able to add more than 15 individual addresses to a repeating field without experiencing any errors like you've shown in your screenshot.
- Is this issue occurring in multiple posts, or only in one post?
- Please go to Toolset > Settings > Maps and click "Check API". Let me know if any errors are shown in the response.

Please keep in mind this is a public forum and only share login credentials in the private reply fields. I have removed the login credentials from your comment for security.

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