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[Resolved] Duplicate Archive Entries

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Last updated by donC-3 3 months, 1 week ago.

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We've been using the toolset types and archives since we started using Toolset. Recently I've noticed that the archives show duplicates (and they are replacing in the list valid entries)

you can see these on three pages so far (haven't dug into more):

hidden link (should be three distinct types hidden link is missing)
hidden link (a few dups notice content pact 15 is listed twice and no 16 - 16 is at hidden link but not listed)
hidden link (see dups in the first few listings)

[wpv-view name="archives-assets-type"] is the type of shortcode we're using.

Is there something that needs to be reindexed or what can we do to fix this?



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Hi there

Looking at your first link I see these are not archives but are Views added to static pages.

It is difficult to comment on where the duplicates are coming from without seeing how the View is put together.

Would it be possible to get access to your site to check?

Let me mark your next reply as private so that we can get log-in credentials from you—you may want to create a temporary admin user for us to use that you can later delete. And be sure to have a current backup of your site.



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Thank you for sharing the access details, but, I'm getting the "incorrect username or password" message.

Can you please recheck the username and password?

Note: I'm setting your next reply as private again.



Any luck with the new login info?



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I apologize for the delay in getting back on this, as we had an unusually busy forum queue after the weekend.

The admin access details worked, however, it doesn't seem this user has the "Administrator" user role. It is not allowed to access the admin area.

Can you please make sure that this user has the "Administrator" user role?


Strange, I got the notification an admin had logged in and it showed administrator on the toolset account. I edited it and removed and then readded, can you try again?


Any chance you can check again soon?



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I've checked the admin access details again and something is still amiss here.

Using the login link you've shared, I can see the admin login form.

When I used the provided username and password, it seems to accept it and redirects me to the website's front-end, homepage.

If I then try to access the website's admin area ( e.g. {}/wp-admin ), it still redirects me back to the front-end homepage and does not let me access the admin area.
( despite being logged in as the provided user )

So, please check again if the website is using any extra security layer to protect/hide the admin area access, and let me know how can I access it.

If you're not sure, one alternative is to share a clone/snapshot of the website, so I can test it on a different server.
( ref: )

Note: I'm setting your next reply as private, again.


Very weird. There isn't anything extra for security that I know of. I just duplicated the site to staging, so same user and password. Login at hidden link

If that doesn't work I can go through the clone but there's a lot of data so hopefully this works instead.



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I've checked the staging website and unfortunately, it is behaving exactly the same.

Have you consulted your hosting provider or checked the settings of any security or membership restriction plugin on the website?

If all else fails, then the website's clone/snapshot will be the only option left.

Tip: For large websites, you can reduce the size of the duplicator package, by excluding the 'uploads' folder (that contains the media library files), from the package.

Note: I'm setting your next reply as private again.


Well apparently duplicator is not allowed per my host (kinsta). They did some change and ask you try again to get to the admin but I'm not hopeful. Can you try? Any other ideas? Settings I can send you so you could maybe look and let me know if there's something I can look at? Don't get why you can't get in as I can with that login and the toolset team in the past could but obviously something is doing something weird.



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I suspect it has something to do with the user account that you've created for us (Toolset).

Can you please share the admin login details, for the administrator account that you use to access the website's admin area?

Note: I've set the next reply as private again.



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Thank you for sharing these admin access details. I was able to access the website's admin area through this user.
( I tested this only on the staging website and didn't access the admin area of the live website though )

During troubleshooting, I noticed that the query of the taxonomy views was getting affected by some third-party code, either from the theme or from the other plugins on the website.

Adding the suppress_filters="true" attribute to the "wpv-post-body" shortcode used in the view's "Loop Editor" section fixes this.
( ref: )

a). View: Archives - Assets - Type

[wpv-post-body view_template="loop-item-in-archives-assets-type" suppress_filters="true"]

b). View: Archive - Asset - By Date

[wpv-post-body view_template="loop-item-in-archive-asset-by-date" suppress_filters="true"]

c). View: Archives - Asset - Tags

[wpv-post-body view_template="loop-item-in-archives-asset-tags" suppress_filters="true"]

You can make the same changes to the "wpv-post-body" shortcodes used on the live website too, for the views and archives where the results are not showing correctly.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!