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[Resolved] Creating Custom Field that Connects Checkbox & Related Fields

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How to setup a school-teacher website:

- one teacher can connect with multiple school posts

- one school can have only one location.


You can try these:

Relevant Documentation:

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I have an interesting question. I already uploaded all info to my database, so I would obviously prefer to not have to re-upload everything all over again. That being said, I am open to any ideas/options to come up with a possible solution:

I have a multi-checkbox selection part of a group of custom fields. These checkboxes directly relate to connected posts, and in order to explain my question, I will give a real world example:

CPT A is School. Inside the post will be location, name of School, phone number etc.
CPT B is a teacher at the School. Inside the post will be the teachers name, phone, email - and a multi-checkbox field with options of the different classes possible for teaching, I.E. Math, Science, Literature etc..

My question is, is there any feasible way to directly connect and display to the admin in the backend, that the teacher "gives" Math at a particular School they are connected to? Since it is set up as a many to many relationship, 1 teacher can be a Science teacher at one School Location, and also be a Math teacher in another location, so I want to have this information separated and discernible for myself. This way, instead of just seeing a bunch of checked off checkboxes inside the teachers post, I will see and know which class they give in which location.




I assume we are talking about these:
one teacher can connect with multiple school posts
one school can have only one location.

In my opinion, you can try these:
1) Setup two post types:
- Teacher
- School (with custom field "Location")

2) Setup many-to-may relationship between above post types "Teacher" and "School", enable intermediate post type, an add a custom field "Class" into the intermediate post type

When you edit a Teacher post, you will be able to connect it with other School posts, and setup the field "Class" values.

More help:


Thanks for the quick reply Luo,

So if I would like to implement this, is there any way to do this and just change the settings in Toolset? Or will I have to re-upload all the posts with all the relations all over again? I used WP Importers Pro and uploaded multiple spreadsheets.

The way I currently have it is the way you described with many teachers being able to teach at many schools, but each school is only listed once and is unique to its location. Is there a way to simply add the intermediate post type relationship and somehow "port over" the multi-checkbox as the related field in the intermediate post? Or will that break the DB in any sort of way



You can follow our document to setup/import csv file using "WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro", which supports Toolset many-to-many relationship.

With Toolset many-to-many relationship, you can connect one specific "teachers" post and another specific "school" post only once, so it is "each school is only listed once and is unique to its location".
And in single "teachers" post, you can display related "school" posts by following our document:

There isn't such kind of built-in feature to "port over" the multi-checkbox as the related field within Toolset plugins.


Okay, so you recommend I should delete all my (thousands of) posts across 3 custom post types, and delete the relationships, and start over from scratch and this time create a new intermediate post type, and then re-upload all my posts once more using the importer plugin?

I just want to make sure I'm not missing something and there isn't a possibly quicker and easier way to implement this? The way it seems from your previous message, it does sound like I will need to start over.



I suggest you setup a new test site, setup as I mentioned above, check if it is what you want, then start over in the live website.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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