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[Resolved] Contact Form Submitted to User Accounts in Directory

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Okay first I recommend activating a plugin to monitor all wp_mail activity, for example:

After activating the plugin, edit the Form notification and use the "send a test email" feature to try sending an email to a known email address. Then try submitting the Form again to trigger the automatic notification.

Then you can go to wp-admin > Tools > WP Mail Log to check the status of those two emails. If there is an error, you can hover your mouse over the error icon to get more information about the error. Let me know what you find out.


Okay. I will give that a try. Though I know the form was originally sending because I sent notifications to myself when I first set it up.


Okay I'll stand by for your updates. The logged email headers should help identify the problem.


Can you take a screenshot showing the custom code snippet in Toolset > Settings > Custom code, and another screenshot showing the Mail Log dashboard so I can see the email headers?

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 15-48-44 WP Mail Log ‹ Dressage Connect — WordPress.png
Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 15-49-27 Settings ‹ Dressage Connect — WordPress.jpg

Here you go.


Looks like the snippet is Inactive in Toolset > Settings > Custom Code. Sometimes I have to refresh the page and click Activate twice to get a snippet to activate, please try again.


Thanks! I just figured that out. Once activated, the emails are going through.

My issue is resolved now. Thank you!