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[Resolved] Can't see a way to export Templates and Views with Only Types/Blocks Installed

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Last updated by scottS-3 1 year, 1 month ago.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.

Toolset Export Import 082121.png

I am trying to: Export Content Templates with Types (3.3.13) and Blocks (1.2.2) installed. It isn't an option on the Toolset Export/Import screen. Now I probably could if I had "Legacy" Views installed, but then Views and Blocks won't run at the same time as you know. My "workaround" was to manually recreate the Template I needed in the separate site after using Toolset Export/Import to export the "Types" I was moving to a new site and the actual new custom posts using the WordPress "Export" tool.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:

I expected to see:

Instead, I got:


Luo Yang

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Yes, it is expected result.
The export/import tab for Toolset Blocks has been disabled on purpose, our developers are working on it, but I am not sure when will this feature will be implemented.

Currently, you will try as you mentioned above, manually recreate the content template and view blocks.


Luo Yang's response is appreciated. it clarifies where things stand today.

With that stated, I look forward to the development team adding in the capability to import/export Templates and Views, one way or another, from within Toolset Blocks. Until that capability is available, as a website developer, I won't be be able to make the transition from "Legacy Views" to "Toolset Blocks" as the ability to export and then import Templates and Views and to then replicate them across WordPress sites, particularly to and within WordPress multi-site installations is a "gotta have" for me.

Thank you