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[Resolved] Can CRED be used to set up many to many Relationships front end form?

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How to connect posts with many-to-many relationship in front-end.


For the new many-to-many post type relationship "Agent - Listing", you need to use relationship form to connect "Agent" and "Listing" by following our document:

Relevant Documentation:

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Assisted by: Luo Yang.


Hy toolest,

I'm playing finally with relationships in toolset. I will have website which will hold offices across Canada, with agents / brokers inside every office. Every agent in that office will have their listings.

For Office - Agent relation I'm using one to many relationship, and for Agent - Listing relation many to many relationship. Everything works fine in WP dashboard and I'm able to assign one office per agent, one or more agents per listings, one or more listings per one agent.

For next step I'm planning to create front end dashboard behind username and password, where agents can create / update their profile and add / edit and delete their listings. For broker profile I don't have problems. Broker can update his profile and assign him to one office. The problem is when I want to have listing - agent front end form, I'm not able to create this many to many relationship form which allows as they say cobrokering or listing sharing among agents / brokers.

I found this tutorial from 2016 ( where it is stated that this is not possible. Or at least that there is some workaround option but I don't understand this second step (2. Create a CRED Form that creates Intermediary Child Post types).

Do you guys there have some idea how to solve this? I see that we have some Relationship Forms tab in toolset, and I have created form which apparently connects posting and broker / agent, but I really don't understand how to incorporate this to my existing CRED form.

Can you please advise, as this is my last step in solving the whole project concept.

Sasa Vidakovic
Deal Studio


Dear Sasa,

Thanks for the details. The thread you mentioned above is outdated.

For the new many-to-many post type relationship "Agent - Listing", you need to use relationship form to connect "Agent" and "Listing" by following our document:


Hi Luo, thanks for your response.

I managed to find some workaround solution before your post, which is honestly not a bad thing :). But with Toolset Views legacy plugin. Which now brings another questions.

I see that all toolset tutorials are now based on new Toolset Blocks framework. Our solution which we offer to our clients is based on old as you call that legacy Toolset View plugin.

First question
If I turn of Toolset View plugin and enable Toolset Blocks, will I have ability to play with my old views created under Toolset View plugin?

Second question
If I'm able to play with my views if new Toolset Blocks module is turned on and Toolset View turned off, do you have integration for Visual Composer (bakery plugin)? Do you have only integration with Gutenberg, default WordPress editor, which we are not using.

Third question
Do you plan to delete from your repository Toolset Views plugin, if yes for how long will you have updates for this plugin?

Thanks for your feedback

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My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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