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[Resolved] Better looking Custom Search in Views & Checkboxes in Forms

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The current dropdowns & checkboxes in Views and also in CRED forms are very basic in terms of styling. I wanted to understand what is the best way to incorporate a modern dropdown with a multi-select option (which allows multiple checkboxes) & easier navigations. I am sharing an image of what we currently get & what I am seeking to be able to do.

I was not sure which of the following options is the best answer for better dropdowns & checkboxes:
(a) Can what I am trying to do be made possible simply by incorporating some bootstrap classes or perhaps some jquery classes & script
(b) Would a theme that incorporates better dropdowns & checkboxes, automatically change this for Views & CRED Forms dropdowns & checkboxes. If yes, any theme that you would recommend
(c) Is there perhaps a WordPress plugin that would help with the same
(d) any other option which is not mentioned above

Thanks for your assistance.



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Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

I did some research online but couldn't find any third-party theme or plugin that can incorporate this out-of-the box. To include a multi-select with autocomplete feature such as this, you'll need a third-party script library.
( as per my understanding Bootstrap 3 or 4 doesn't include these features either )

Here is an article that reviews some third-party libraries for this:
hidden link

Depending on which script library you select, you'll have to include the necessary classes/IDs that it supports for the markup. If you need some assistance or ideas how to make this work, you're welcome to share the specific details and I'll be able to suggest the next steps accordingly.



Thanks this was helpful. Will try using the libraries as indicated.

ashiA confirmed that the issue was resolved on 2024-01-02 17:05:49.
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