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[Resolved] Using Types fields in Beaver Builder tabs module

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: When using Beaver Builder to design a Content Template, how can Types fields be used to dynamically populate the labels and content of a tabs module?

Solution: You can insert shortcodes to output the Types fields much like you would if inserting them directly into a Views Content Template.

You can use the Fields and Views button in the content editor to generate the shortcodes and copy and paste them into the tab titles as required.

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I am trying to: Prepare a Beaver Builder-based Toolset layout including Types field for both tab label and tab content, with multiple tabs

I expected to see: Multiple tabs with correct Types-based content

Instead, I got: Only one Toolset Types field-based label allowed

I've used Toolset in conjunction with Beaver Builder successfully for some time (e.g., Now I'm trying something new (Toolset latest; BB Pro latest v. I'm using the Tabs layout, with a Types field in both the label and content areas. Here is what I've learned:

(1) If the label (tab title) field is a static value, there is no problem entering multiple tabs with Types-based content in each.

(2) If the label field is a Types-based dynamic value such as the below, only one such label is allowed. If multiple labels include Types-based values, only one tab will be displayed and the layout/content will get messed up. A sample Types-based dynamic value I want to enter into the label field:

[types field='position-1-title' output='raw'][/types]

I haven't seen this issue reported elsewhere, nor on your errata. Please let me know how to proceed; thanks.

Jim P.



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Hi Jim

Maybe I have misunderstood what you are aiming to do as I set this up on a test site and it worked for me.

I have a CPT ("Things") which has several custom fields I will use for the tab titles (with slugs of "title-1", "title-2", "title-3").

I created a post for testing with the field values set to "First title", "Second title", and "Third title".

I created a Content Template for single Thing posts and designed that template with Beaver Builder.

I inserted a tab module into the template, and added 3 tabs.

I used the Edit item links to edit each of the tabs, the first of which you can see in the screenshot.

Note that the label is generated by a types shortcode. (The + button for inserting this didn't seem to work, so I used the Fields and Views button to add it to the content area, then copied and pasted it from there to the tab label field.)

I did the same for the other tabs and then viewed my test post on the front end, which worked as expected, with the tab labels dynamically generated from the custom field values.

Is that what you were aiming for?


Yes, I see that it works for you. (One difference is that you don't yet have dynamic content for the body as well as the label.) It may be an issue related to another portion of my template, which has far more than this tab interface. For now I need to get the project done, so I'll use generic tab labels, which of course work.

Many thanks,

Jim P.