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Learn How to Build Templates, Archives and Views with Blocks

Heard about the new Toolset Blocks but not sure how to get started? You can learn by following four detailed…


December 23, 2019

Using Toolset Blocks On Existing Toolset Sites

You can easily start using Toolset Blocks on existing sites you built using Layouts and the shortcode-based workflow. You can…


December 13, 2019

More than grids – using Bootstrap 4 components on Toolset-based sites

Besides its responsive grid system, Bootstrap provides a whole range of ready-to-use components. After enabling Bootstrap 4 on your Toolset-powered…


July 31, 2019

How to Automatically Import Content to a Post Type With WP RSS Aggregator

Custom post types help you store custom content in your WordPress site, and Toolset helps you create custom post types…

Joe Lobo

March 28, 2019

WordPress thumbnail slider

Create your own sliders with thumbnails – it’s easy now

Toolset is excited to introduce the WordPress slider with thumbnails which you can implement in minutes on your website. Compared…

Agnes Bury

February 20, 2019

How to create post relationships between your custom post types and how to display them

As you build your website and your thoughts turn to the content itself, there are two key factors which you…


July 9, 2018

How to add repeatable field groups to your custom post types?

In our previous post, we outlined how post relationships make it easier to manage your website content. Now let’s look…


July 9, 2018

How To Design A Team Members Custom Post Type With Divi + Toolset

Custom post types allow you to turn WordPress from a blogging platform into a full-fledged content management system. They’re flexible,…


March 12, 2018

Toolset and page builders

How to use Toolset with different page builders

Our Toolset training material shows you how to do everything with our Layouts plugin. You can also build Toolset-based sites…

Agnes Bury

December 14, 2017

How to add custom Theme Options to themes you build with Toolset

WordPress allows you to add custom Theme Options to your themes, which users can then set using the native Customize…


April 11, 2017

A filterable archive based on taxonomy terms. See live example

How to filter custom post types by taxonomy and custom fields

Views plugin lets you display lists of posts on a site’s front-end. These can be posts, pages, and posts based…

Agnes Bury

December 16, 2016

What the Best Listing Sites Have in Common and You Can Have in Your WordPress Sites

What makes some listing sites so much more successful than others? If there’s a “magic ingredient”, can you use it…


June 20, 2016