We have been listening to your feedback over the last few months and a number of you (both clients and contractors) have said you would like to see a jobs board as part of Toolset Contractors.

The jobs board would act as a single page where clients will be able to post any work they need and contractors will be able to apply for the ones that best suit them.

Why a jobs board could help both clients and contractors

Under the current system, Toolset clients need to contact each contractor with the same message asking whether or not they are suitable for the job on offer. This, of course, takes more time than it should.

With a jobs board, clients will only need to post their job once and only once for everyone to see. Any questions contractors have can be answered on there to ensure clients do not have to answer the same questions to different people. As a result, clients should receive more offers from contractors as everyone will be able to see their job offer.

The jobs board will help contractors too. Contractors will be able to quickly scan through all the jobs on offer to find the ones that best match their skills and bid for them.

As you can see, we hope that the jobs board will benefit both clients and contractors.

We need your feedback

Before we start working on this project we want to hear your thoughts. Is this something you want? Will it significantly improve your experience of using Toolset Contractors?

Please let us know in the comments below.

Don’t forget, if you have any other thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve our Contractors system please share them with us here.