We want to make it easier to build fully-featured membership sites with Toolset. To do this, we need to know what you need, so we can make it exactly right for you.

Update – Feb 2019

Since WordPress 5 got out in December, Toolset team is spending more time on tight integration with new WordPress features. We’ll return to this and other planned projects later, hopefully in 2019.

Spoiler: our plan is to take the custom code that we’ve created for our own accounts system and offer it as part of Toolset. Our accounts system allows to:

  • Sell WooCommerce products for accounts
  • Check the account level according to the product that you have
  • Upgrade / downgrade between accounts
  • Limit access according to your account state
  • Send renewal reminder emails

We think that what we developed for ourselves could be useful for many of our clients. It’s a big project, so before we embark, we want to learn better what kind of membership sites you are building.

To participate, please complete a short survey.

To tell us anything that’s not included in the survey, or ask questions, add your messages and we’ll get back to you.

Update (Aug/22/2018) – Survey summary and our plan

From the many results of our survey, as well as the feedback that we received in the comments here, we can see that we need to include three major items in this project:

  • Access control according to payments/subscriptions – this will allow to set access privileges according to the payment history and status (the key to everything in this project).
  • Control over both content and downloads – today you can control access to content. We’ll also add control over downloads.
  • Integration with email marketing platforms – we’ll send notifications to email marketing platforms, so that you can add people to lists when they sign-up, cancel, accounts about to expire, about to renew, etc.

Our own sites do exactly these three things, so we know what you mean when you ask for them. We haven’t started this project yet. We’re almost done with an update for all Toolset plugins and we’ll work on this next.