When you use Toolset, the theme needs to provide the aesthetics, while Toolset handles the structure and functionality. We want to offer you a complete package that includes Toolset plugins and good looking themes. However, I think that it makes better sense to integrate with good looking themes, rather than build yet more (of the same).

It takes us two days to fully integrate a good theme with Toolset. It will take us over a month to create our own theme. So, instead of wasting time and producing a mediocre design, I think that it’s better to team up with the authors of very good looking themes and have them fully integrated with Toolset.

These need to:

  • Be free or have a free version on the WPORG themes repo – this will make them accessible to anyone, so we can use them on reference designs.
  • Be fast and efficient – this goes without saying, right?
  • Have a good track record for updates and maintenance – we’re going to base a lot of work on these themes. You too. We want to know that they’re going to be around in the future.
  • Come from friendly folks – we’re going to need some cooperation with the authors of these themes, so we need to work with people who are happy to talk with us.

So tell us. What themes are you using (really using, not only heard of in a Facebook group), which fit this bill and you recommend for Toolset integration?

Leave your comments, introduce the theme (include a link) and tell us why it would be a good starting point for Toolset-based designs.