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Have been testing Types 2.3 beta, and whilst the new additions appear to be really good, I don't believe what I want to do is possible. As requested, here is what I would need it for (I have in the past seen others in the forum requesting this, and know of a large number of people who would be happy if it could be done)...

Producing a canine pedigree. The end result is in the screenshot, showing the dog's parents, grand-parents and great grand-parents.

What I would want is that each of those names in the pedigree be linked to that dog.

Those that are Champions must be shown in red. I could have a check box to indicate whether or not that is true.

When adding a dog I want the post-reference field to be filtered, so the sire will only display male dogs to choose from, and the dam to only display female dogs to choose from.

Then, on the front-end, I want to be able to search and display all dogs with a specific sire or dam.


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Thanks for your comments, JillT. I'll send these along to the team and a developer will follow up with you here soon to discuss facilitating this Pedigree system.


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Thanks jillT. Your story helps a lot.

There should be no problem displaying the parents, going as far up in the chain as you want.

The front-end search according to sire or dam should also be possible. Views allows you to build searches where some of the arguments come from form inputs and others are pre-selected. You can pre-set them with URL arguments.

The only missing feature that I see here is to filter by male/female in the post assignment. In the future, we will be able to add a feature to filter possible posts for relationships. I'll add a note about this for later, but we cannot include it in the first release.


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I have made sure the remaining issue (which is relatively often mentioned) is filed so to be considered in future.

I added also some inputs of other users, the main idea here is to be able to restrict the Parent Posts Select field to several criteria such as "only posts of current user", or "depending on custom fields value" or "post status" and so on.

If you have more feedback, please feel free to share this with us!


Another thing that I omitted.

Currently, the dogs in the pedigree are made up of two fields 'Ch-Title' and the dog's name (which is the post title). This is done in two separate fields so that all the dog posts can be in alphabetical order, excluding the dog's title. If it were one field the archives would not be in order of the dog's name.

However, I suspect that this would cause a problem when doing a post-reference, as I assume when displaying the pedigree you would not be able to show their title as it's a separate field.

I hope that you understand what I mean!!!


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It should be possible to order an Archive by Post title already, in WordPress Archives of Toolset.
You can even insert front end OrderBy Handles, also including the Post Title.
I attached 2 Screenshots of this.

Yes, the ordering will follow the first letter, second, third and so on of the string, hence, if you prefix the Dog's name with something else, that something else will be used first in the ordering.

If you want to order by Dog Name but prefix the final Title, then yes, the only solution is an additional Custom Field.
I say the "only Solution", actually it is the correct solution. This is exactly what Custom Fields can be used for.

You can show Post Titles everywhere where there is a connection to it.
That means, logically, you can show a Post Title with our ShortCodes on the current post, a parent post, or in a View listing Posts, for example.
This is the ShortCode to use for that, it is already included in Toolset:

It accepts ID attributes so you can define of what Post the information should be pulled in.


Thank you Beda, but you misunderstood me.

I currently do this on my sites. I use a custom field (ch-title) for the prefix and the dog's name is in the title. This page, hidden link shows all posts in alphabetical order of the dog's name, because the title is in a separate custom field.

Looking at this page for example: hidden link
In the pedigree, the names in red have content in the custom ch-title field. I can show both title and parents/gd parents names because they are all custom fields within that specific post. However, they can not automatically link to the post of that name. ie "Kingsahven Daisy May At Jorgealin" does not link to the post with that title.

With the new post-reference I take it that I can create a reference and that post title will be displayed, together with a link. However, doing it that way I don't believe that I would be able to display the titles of the parents, as I currently do.

I hope you can understand that! 🙂


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I must miss some important detail.

As far I understand by now this should be easily possible with a Link that is populated with the right data.

I would like to have a video call with you. A Developer is also interested in assisting this call.
Would you agree to show us what you are doing and how it should proceed?

You can suggest a schedule that fits you in the link below:
My Working hours are visible here: https://toolset.com/forums/users/beda-s/

It would be very nice to have a call and work out all misunderstandings and ensure that all voices are heard!


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Hello Jill

As discussed in the Meeting, would it be possible to receive a Copy of your Site?

You can use these instructions:

I will enable a private reply, where you could then share the link to the Files.

We would be happy to deploy this and analyse it with the details in mind we discussed during the meeting.

Thank you!


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Thanks Jill!

I was away a week, this is why I did not reply here.

I received the package and will analyze it and play a little with this.
In case I have follow up questions I would come back here, otherwise, if you do not hear back from me, it means for us, the things you try to implement will work as elaborated.

If you have any follow up questions please feel free to ask me here!


Thanks Beda!


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Please let me know if you have any other question or feedback. Otherwise, I will (for now) close this Thread.

In case I have follow up questions I would reopen it, and you are always welcome to open up a new topic in our forum.

Thank you again!

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