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[Resolved] What is the best approach to bookmark a post?

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I am creating a job board using a toolset and I have a job application post type that is submitted by the job seeker and reviewed by the employer. I want to allow the employer to mark some job applications as favorites so that they can view them later.

How do you recommend I approach this? I was wondering if I create a custom user field that contains a JSON with POST ID and POST TYPE that the user has marked as favorites. The fields would be updated by using a CRED POST form as a star button and use the cred_save_data hook to update data in user_meta. This was I would keep info per user and can use it to show the right posts on the favorite tab.

Does that make sense or is there a native way on Toolset to do this?



Hello, since Toolset's post relationships only work between posts, and not between Users and posts, one other solution is to use a proxy post type for Users and apply post relationships to the proxy post type. That process is explained a bit in our documentation here:

Otherwise, the solution you discussed seems viable, though it would not be simple to filter by JSON in a custom User field using built-in Views filtering options.



Thanks for this and both methods seem viable but I am concerned about how it looks on the front-end. Hear me out -

In my experience, when I have bookmarked things on other sites - it happens instantaneously. The star color changes from transparent to yellow on click at once.

However, if I am going to use a CRED form to create a bookmark entry - it takes some time to process this request -- even when I have AJAX enabled ... the spinner spins for some time before being done. It seems like overkill to me for bookmarking something.

How do these other companies do it so fast?

To be clear, I am thinking of using a CRED form with just a submit button linked to the post type so that it allows me to use the cred_save_data hook to insert data.

Bookmarking should feel effortless to users... not like a big request. Also, what do I do when bookmarking is done? I want the user to stay on the same page but reprocessing the whole page seems too much - hidden link

Any ideas?


There's not really a simple way to speed up CRED's processes to make the submission happen faster, so it might be worthwhile to investigate a third-party plugin that handles favoriting specifically. There may be a more performant system for handling this kind of process with AJAX.


Thanks, Chris. My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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