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[Resolved] what is actually the "Integration" means?

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I am trying to explore the features and benefits of Toolset.
I am using X Theme with Cornerstone, and I have the below Toolset's plugins installed:

Toolset Cornerstone Integration
Toolset Layouts
Toolset Types
Toolset Views

The issue here is that I am trying to figure out where and how the actual "Cornerstone Integration" is coming into place?

I have a custom post type called "Courses" and I want to design and integrate the Custom Fields into the single and archive templates and I want to use Cornerstone for the design process.

The only way I found is to design a regular page with Cornerstone and then copy the Cornerstone Shortcodes into the Toolset Layout's templates, but this is not an "Integration". It's a joke.
I can achieve pretty much the same and even more (flexible) if I copy the shortcodes straight into the PHP file.

I would like to know if I missed something regarding the Integration (and BTW your documentation regarding any theme integration is concise).


Someone is going to answer here?



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Hi Tal

The Cornerstone integration plugin is intended for use with the Cornerstone theme (hidden link), not the Cornerstone plugin which is bundled with the X-theme.

It won't add any functionality to your theme/plugins.

For themes which are not explicitly integrated with Layouts you should find that you can use Layouts to customise the content area of a page much like you would with other page builders, though as you already have Cornerstone available as a page builder you may want to use that. You should find that if using Cornerstone you can add text elements to your page designs and include Toolset shortcodes within them.

If you want to design templates for custom post types and archives you can use Layouts for that, but, yes, if you want to include Cornerstone-designed components you would need to copy and paste the Cornerstone shortcodes into your layout, but that does mean you can mix-and-match Cornerstone and Toolset content within the same template.

Sorry for the confusion about what product the Cornerstone integration plugin is for.


Are you serious? I bought it because I thought you have integration with X Cornerstone's page builder.

Anyway, how can I modify the single and archive PHP files that Toolset generated for the CPT?
And, I tried to follow the instructions for editing with Visual Editor plugin and I can't find the "Visual Editor button" after clicking the "Create template" button on your plugin's dashboard.

I would like to know how to use your set of plugins with my situation in the best way I can achieve, because as I can see as of now, I can't really find myself in your documentation. It's a big mess and nothing is actually working as expected from your tutorials (like the VE page builder plugin).


The "Visual Composer" page builder , sorry.



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Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 16.33.36.png

Hi Tal

We don't currently have any integration with Cornerstone.

If you are using Visual Composer then when you edit a Content Template or a View or custom WordPress Archive you will see the button to edit with Visual Composer (see screenshot). So you can design the template with Visual Composer, and you would see something similar if you were using Beaver Builder and its page builder, for example.

They have been specially integrated with Views which is why you see the page builder button when creating content templates, but other page builders that have not been integrated with Views won't show that.

We have had a few clients asking about integration with the X theme and so I can add your voice to the request to see if we can get it adopted, but you should bear in mind it takes some time for such integrations to be developed.


But what am I missing here? What is the difference between the "Create template" button in Dashboard, and the Content Template section?

I don't get it, and didn't found anything in your documentation that covers this (content template vs layout)



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Hi Tal

Both a Views Content Template and a Layout are able to replace the content area of a page (specifically what is output by the_content() in the PHP templates). You can use either, and if you tried to assign both to a post type the Layout would win over the Content Template.

We are currently revising our documentation to account for a shift in how we expect people to use Layouts, and so sorry if this is not clear.

Until recently Layouts needed to be explicitly integrated to work with themes, and when it was it would take control of the whole page, not just the content area, so that you would design the header and footer etc. with Layouts as well. But this proved confusing for most of our clients who expected the theme to generate the header and footer and were concerned only with the content area.

So Layouts will now work with most themes directly without any integration required, but is only used to edit the content area. (For advanced users it will still be possible to use an integrated theme to design the entire page with Layouts.) At the same time we are now encouraging users to design templates for custom post types using Layouts, although it is still possible to create templates using Views Content Templates.

And if you are using a page builder such as Visual Composer or Beaver Builder which is integrated with Views then you will need to create a Views Content Template to design the content area of the screen. You can either design the Content Template and assign it directly to the post type and not use Layouts, or you can design the Content Template and insert it (using a content template cell) into a Layout which you assign to the post type, which gives you even more control over the content area.

From the dashboard, when you create a template for a custom post type you are creating a Layouts template, but if you want to use a page builder and need to create a Content Template you should do that from the menu at Toolset > Content Templates.

If that's not clear, please let me know.

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