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[Resolved] Want to use the Toolset Access, but not seeing options within it

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I wanted to have the Toolset Access plugin do something similar to how User Role Editor (Pro) does where we have complete access to check and uncheck the various levels of items a user or user role may have access to. For example, I wanted contributor roles to have access to the dashboard and see for example form entries, but not have access to other things like seeing templates etc from a page builder. Is this a feature that will come? I'd really love if Access was more indepth like user role editor, especially since I already have the full Toolset.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Toolset Access offers Advanced mode using which you can change the current capabilities of the role you are editing.

Using Access, you can control the Post types, Taxonomies, Types Custom Field groups, Toolset forms, Post groups.

What if you try to navigate to:
Toolset => Access Control => Custom Roles tab => Click on "Enable Advanced mode" button and then with any of your role listing you will see the link "Change Permissions" and see if you able to see the permissions you want to assign.


Thank you!