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[Resolved] Views Module – Legacy plugin or not???

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Last updated by julieP 1 year, 5 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Jamal.


I notice that the download link for Views has been moved to the "Legacy plugins" tab. It's my understanding that Views is still supported and there are no plans for that to change so why is it now considered a legacy plugin? Does this mean we've won't be alerted when the plugin is updated (which it should be since it is still being maintained)?



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Hello and thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

As we are pushing toward the use of Blocks, we have rebranded Toolset Views as Toolset Blocks.

Toolset Blocks and Toolset Views, are virtually the same plugin. Once one is activated it deactivates the other. They both support editing in the block editor and in our classic/legacy editor. You can customize that on Toolset->Settings->General->Editing Experience.

We are still supporting Views, any bugs will be fixed and even new features may land on it.

But our focus is on Blocks. Toolset Blocks are still limited compared to the legacy views. We may drop support for legacy views once we get the same features available in blocks. But that is just my opinion. Officially, we are still supporting Views 🙂

I hope this answers your question. Let me know your feedback.


Now I'm confused.

I'm using the Classic editor and Toolset Views. The amount of time & effort required to switch to using Gutenberg & Toolset Blocks on existing sites is too great. It's not very clear from your response but are you saying the Toolset Block plugin has two settings; a Gutenberg/Toolset Blocks combo and a Classic/Toolset Views combo?



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Yes. Toolset Blocks has both editing modes. You can configure it on Toolset->Settings.

You can activate Toolset Blocks and continue building your views and content templates with the classic editor.

Toolset Layouts, on the other hand, is on a maintenance-only mode. We will provide fixes for bugs but we will not provide any additional features.


OK thank you for clarifying that for me.

On my existing sites (that currently use Toolset Views), will everything work the same if I remove Toolset Views and install Toolset Blocks in its place?

Will I be able to import Views that were previously created using Toolset Views if I change to using Toolset Blocks?



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Yes. If you activate Toolset Blocks, it will automatically deactivate Toolset Views and vice versa.
If you are using Toolset Layouts templates for custom post types, do not activate Toolset Blocks, we have some known issues that are not yet fixed.

Yes, you can import views, you can basically use the plugin as if you were installing Toolset Views. Just make sure that both editing experiences are activated in Toolset settings.


OK thank you. Not using Layouts but thanks for the heads up. I'll give it a go.