[Resolved] Toolset Block Button styles don't work

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I try to modify button styles (background color and text color) in block view, but the styles don't apply to frontend. In backend Toolset button looks ok, but in frontend it has the default styles. Caches are cleared.



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I just tested this on my local site which is using the latest version of Blocks (1.1.1) and it seems to work okay.

Could you update and check again? (The latest version is available from toolset.com/account/downloads if you don't see it yet in your plugins page.)

If you still see the problem, what is the context where you are adding the button?

I just added a Toolset button block to a static page and styled it and confirmed its appearance on the front end.

If you have the button, say, inside a conditional block, please check by just adding the button to a static page, and then let me know the details of the context in which it doesn't work.


Thank you Nigel. I updated the plugin and the problem still existed. I moved the button to a normal page area, the button was ok. But if I put it in the footer, the styles get lost.

The button is inserted into the footer with the "Reusable Blocks Extended" shortcode (great plugin!). If I put the reusable block (where the button is) into the page area, both the page area button AND the footer button are ok. As soon as I delete the reusable block from page area, the footer button turns again to default style.



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I checked the documentation for that plugin.

Before I go any further, can you confirm how you are adding the re-usable block to your footer?

Via a widget?
Inserting a PHP function in footer.php?
Your theme or some other plugin lets you edit the footer where you added the block or a shortcode?


I add the reusable block to the footer via shortcode.



Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español )

Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+00:00)

OK, but what allows you to do that?

Sorry, but I need to replicate the set-up for testing.

I can see from your debug info that you have Atra Pro, and that lets you customise how many widget areas are included in the footer, but you would still be using widgets, right?

So adding a shortcode from the repeatable block plugin to a widget in the footer?


Yes, sorry for being unclear. I add the shortcode from the repeatable block plugin into a "Text" widget into the "Footer Widget Area 1" (which I have defined to be one column full width).



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I tried something similar but slightly different, because that plugin includes its own widget for inserting re-usable blocks, so I used that widget instead of adding a shortcode to a text widget, and it worked (the red button in the screenshot).

Can you try and confirm the same?


Yes that worked! I didn't notice that widget at all, thank you Nigel!
My issue is resolved now. Thank you!